Monday, June 06, 2005

Well how about today...

Today I thought about one thing, the resignation of Bernard Landry and my work. the resignation of Bernard Landry who is the leader of the Party Quebecois for those who do not know him is in my humble opinion a good thing. We need younger leaders and fresh idea. My work well that slightly boring right now reading articles all day is not the most passionating thing one can do. but hey once that's done I'll start writing my predoc examen and be ready to start the last leg of my doctorat.

another thing got me slightly stressed. I talked with someone in my building and apparantly the owner as decided that he did not want pets anymore. Apparently she received a letter telling her that, now since I didn't receive that letter I,m not too stressed but if it was the case I'd have to leave for another place cause am not leaving my cat to someone else or euthanaising him. I'll find a new place that accept cats and hopefully less expensive.

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