Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A strange trend.

As you know I am on a dating website, not really working and I've pretty much given up on that web site, but yesterday as I received a message from someone that probably didn't read my ad I decide to look up at random picture and just look at ad to look around you know have fun. I decided to click only on pretty woman who looked sexy and where striking sexy poses on their picture... well it was either that or look at ugly people and laught at their ad and that wouldn't be nice, or give me bad karma, in fact before I had to think up of a justification for looking at pretty sexy woman ads I had not thought of the other possibility. à

So I looked at the first one, hmm bisexual woman looking for woman only... another bisexual woman looking for woman only.. then a third another bisexual woman looking for woman only. In fact up to now, of the... well let just say dozens I looked at (I had really nothing to do! stop jugging me!) only 2 where heterosexual and only 3 more where not only looking for woman. That tells me somethings: 1. most of these woman where probably man looking to think they where exchanging pictures of almost naked woman with other man, 2. Most normal people won't put an almost naked picture of themself for a serious ad, 3. bisexual woman seems to be exibitionist, 4. I should give myself a swift kick in the butt and do something worthwhile instead of trying to figure trend in dating site.

Well here you have it a second post to well cause I felt like it!

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