Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So we legalized gay wedding...

Yesterday Canada legalized gay wedding in an "historical" vote. You probably noticed that I put historical between quotation mark and wonder why. Well simply because I do not belive it is that much of an historical moment. We are the third country that legalize it, so it not like we are pionneering. I also do not think that society gain much (aside from money in weeding fees and other tax the governement can claim from the newly married couple) by this.

Sure it give a very small segment of the population "equal" rights to the majority but shouldn't it have been just a formality? Two guy want to come into a legal contract of civil-union (for exemple) why was there a problem in the first place? Why bring in a whole wedding debate into that? Wedding are only religious thingy that religion are still free to provide like they want to whoever they want, while civil-union are what are reconized by the state (in fact at you wedding you have to sign the same paper that every couple sign in a civil union for it to be reconized legallly.)

So in short just because we wanted the law to say one little words to give a right that as mainly nothing to do with that words we pissed up a larger minority then the one we gave the right to. And set up a big debate in Canada and our neighbor that really isn't worth losing sleep over. Give everyone the right to get a civil-union with every other person above the age of consent and leave wedding to religion. There problem solve no big debat cause no religion term is involved and no one can really object to legal right being egal for everyone no?

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apelleri said...

Hello Asathi.

I must say that I disagree with you! There is a BIG difference between a civil union and a civil wedding... money! With the union, if one of the person dies, the other to not have any right to claim the house, the car, the "rente" (sorry, I don't know the english word) and other benefices of the dead one! Until yesterday, if a gay died, the other one couldn't even have had a few days off from work for grieving and organizing the funerals! This was terrible! This law is a huge legal advancement, I think! My husband and I had a civil wedding, not a civil union in order to have a US working VISA! Many US citizens congratulate me today because of this new law! It means that the country do not only tolerate homosexuals, but recongnize that homosexuals are fully part of the cittizens and have all other rights! This is huge! This is a great day!