Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The silliness of hair growth ad

This morning I saw a hair grow clinic ad on the bus before I left. The ad showed a man with thick luxurious hair half naked with a beautifull woman (half naked too) probably 20 years younger then he is. Now hey are trying to get us to think that if you go there you will not only get your hair back but also get cute younger chicks to fall in love with you. Are man actually that dumb? Do they belive that they will go from bald lonely guy to chick magnet in a day? Does this ad actually increase the number of people coming to this clinic?

After that moment of wondering how stupid we (man) were, I thought back about all the ads targeted at man. And well I realised that 99% of them are in the format: get our product and you will get girls!!! Frankly considering the number of single guy I know and the number of those guy that have got some of these product I could suit for false advertizing ;-) Seriously thinking that the only way to sell a product is to get man to think it will give them woman is like thinking the only way to seel a product to woman is to tell them it makes them more beautifull. In short I am slightly insulted that advertisement consider man to be so stupid that they only need one trick to convience us of something and disapointed that in many case they are right.

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