Thursday, June 30, 2005

Podcast, wow!

I just got the last update of my itune for my ibook (my portable computer for those just joinning us) and it got podcast. What is podcast? well they are kinda like published radio episode that you can download and listen the latest. Their are a lot of different feed about hundred of subject and most of them are free from what I have seen. There are humor, science, art, and so many other subject that I cannot list them all. The quality is very variable but I have found some very interesting science and astronomy podcast namely from NASA and another from Slacker Astronomy. the Slacker Astronomy one is really something you might want to listen to they are funny and scientifically easy to understand. So, two of my thumbs up for podcast.

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anyflower said...

Two of your thumbs... Creepy! How much thumbs do you have? ;o)