Friday, June 17, 2005

Oh for the love of god

Well I just learned that two of Quebec unions want to syndicalise the graduate student at Université Laval. While one question they want to "solve" is a important one: the fact that for the same job student are paid less in the summer then in the winter, I really don't that an union is a good idea. Why you might ask? well take a look at the other things the union want to "solve" stop the arbitrary attribution of the workload, a computing of the work hours and better job description. Let's go over then one by one... the arbitrary attribution of the workload allows teacher to give work to the student with the most need and to insure their class are given by student they know and work with. This give each student a better asses to the only ressources he has for his work AND normally keep a good work relationship. We do not need any work attribution based on seniority, what would the point of giving work to student who spend the most time studying? Computing the work hours well 90% of the student I know are either doing the work required of them or less (not much less but there might be an hours or 2 that they are paid but do not work for) so with that "solution" the student will actually get less money. The last one, less see how can it be done? Our task are pretty simple, help student throught the class or/and correct the work of student, how can you define this better? saying things like: well you will correct question 3 and 4 of homework 1 and answer questions about chapter 2 in the book? Now that would really help everyone oh yeah I can see how this is for the best (you are close to drowning in a pool of sarcasm, please open the door or windows to let some escape). My work will be revolutionised and so much better because of this.

SPARE ME THE UNION! keep them away from stuff that works! or if you can't change my job title so that I'm not part of this stupidity.

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