Saturday, June 11, 2005

Not great news.

Well i got some bad news about one of my cousin. After 3 months of going to the doc and being told that her belly aches where psychosomatic, she went to the hospital for her mother who ask the doctor to examine her too. When they learned the test would required 10 days to give result she went to another hospital where the found out what she had: acute lukemia. Her white cell count is incredibely low and she will be starting chemio therapy monday (they would have started it friday but the doc did not trust the week-end crew with chemio.) I do not know what her odds are but I send her all my prayers and hope. She as a daughter, an husban and a young son I'll be praying and sending my good will their way to. It is always scary when sickness hits close to home particullary when it is something so big as cancer. My hope is that everything will go for the best.


anyflower said...

When sickness and hard times comes, it's always good to know you can count on your friends to be there for you. I hope everything is gonna be allright but if not, you can turn to pretty flower to brighten your day :o) !!!

apelleri said...

It is sad. It happen to a cousin of mine few years ago, except it was another type of cancer. She is ok now, so there is hope... Another thing weird about your story is that the first doctor told your cousin that it was symptomatic... Don't you find that they are VERY quick to give this diagnostic these days? I know several (3-4) young adults who received this diagnostic the last two years.