Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My first real bike ride of the season

I did my first bike ride, from my home to the university. A little 45 minutes rides with some few "hard" climb. The result, well I know now that I need more exercise ;-) I'm really tired and I probably will be sore tomorrow morning and I'll do it again. I think I may have some masochiste tendancy. Oh well people suffer to be beautifull and since I have a lot of work to do for that I'll have to suffer a lot ;-)

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apelleri said...

I do not do biking and other sports to suffer and be beautiful! I give up about beeing beautiful... especially after a certain age! I do it to feel good! Of course, this is not the way you feel the first times, but eventually, you will feel great during your exercise! And after, of course!

Enjoy your new bike! This is real live!