Thursday, June 30, 2005


Well as you can see form the title I am slightly annoyed at my cat (apelleri will be happy she doesn't like cat, which prove that under her gentle exterior she is an evil evil person cause we all know cats are good no? (just kidding apelleri)). You see the underfed animal as eaten through one of my computer speaker cords.. in two places! Normally that wouldn't be such an annonces since computer speaker are worth like 20$ But those are my hey I have money now let buy the best computer money can buy for a college guy 200$ speaker. So that means I'll have to... repair the cords... hey it's only chewed through and it's only a little metal connecting two piece of electronic togethere a little twisting of the metal cord and electric tape will solve the problem nicely. But aside from the fact that it's annoying and I want it to happen, I now have to look at all power cord in the house to see if he as chewed on any other and if he as make sure he does do it again. Hopefully with some bad tasting chemical thing or simply with water, cause you know while speaker cords don't carry much electricity, power cable do...

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apelleri said...

I imagine your cat having an electrical current passing through him... delightful!