Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is it finally the stars of the good days?

Finally we have some days of sun. Now it is time to start complaining about the heat! come on people you know what I mean it's like what 23 outside today that far too hot ;-)

sorry I couldn't help but comment at Quebecer's habit of complaining about everything. In winter it's the cold and the snow, in summer it's the unbearable heat, in spring it the lack of heat and in autumn too much rain. I think i will be taking the resolution not to complain again... about the weather if it is typical of the season.

But seriously it seems we finally have some days of nice weather ahead where we will be able to finally go out without a snowsuit and enjoy the shortening of the skirt and the ritual summer showing of the skin of pretty lady. Now isn,t it the real reason why I.. oups god created summer? so that we get short skirt, tank top and pretty lady together in one sexy place?

Which remind me, there is something as a too short skirt. I seriously don't want to see any skirt that can tell me if you wearing panties or not when you're standing straight girl. That simply too slutty. why am I telling this? well yesterday I went shopping with a friends and in this shop there where those skirt that where so small I'm pretty sure you could call them belt. An inch or two longer and they would have been called underwear. Sure I can imagine a situation or two (or three... or four.. or damn you got my imagination going now) where that skirt would be fun to have around, but none of them involve walking down the street or more then 3 peoples (ok 2 in fact but 3 makes me look cooler)

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yofed said...

Well.... if I were you, I'd move either in Bc or Ns.... Here, we have all 4 seasons, just not as extreme as in Quebec.... In Bc, it's just mild pretty much all the time, which is sweet.... Neither is perfect, but we have pretty damn good weather.... 24 yesterday and (miracle!!) 31 today. I've never seen such high weather here, but man, that's sweet!