Sunday, June 19, 2005

I bought a bike

I think I have a serious problem, whenever I get something new for myself. Something new that I have never bought before to be exact. I try to get the best thing money can buy (read the most expensive ;-)). My purchase today was no exception. You see I bought a bike, the most expensive hybrid bike they had.... well maybe they had one more expensive but I couldn't affort anything more expensive. It's a great bike and I think It will be great to have it, still I might have overspent on it. You know maybe a bike a few 100$ cheapers would have be just as good for me.

Well anyway I'll do whatever I do when I buy an expensive new things and I think it might be too much. I will use it until I'm sure any less quality in it and it would have exploded by all the activity I had it do. Yeah that means that for the next few summers am gonna be one of those bike guy ;-) I was the computer guy now will be the weird geek bike-computo guy! hmm computo-guy that sound like a lame super-villain name. So when I get it tomorrow (it as to be assembled) I'll probably take a few picture to amaze you (or just to brag but I'm sure you will be amazed ;-))


apelleri said...

A new bike!!! Cool!
I will want to see your pictures!

I've been at the "Mountain Bike Weekend" at Jim Thorpe, PA, last weekend (a 2 hours ride on friday evening, a 5.5 hours ride on sathurday, and another 2 hours ride on Sunday). It was a lot of fun! I am so tired today! I hope it will inspire you!


anyflower said...

Just one little tip...
On slippery surfaces (especially if you go down a slope) NEVER EVER use your rear break more than the front one... unless you want to perform a 180 degree vertical jump on (or under) your bike. Just an advice based on a live experimentation.