Friday, June 03, 2005

Fear me... if you dare!

Well let see what kind of news i write about today, oh yeah I am not officially dangerous (nope but it sound important). Yet last night I received my green belt in kung fu AND a certificate proving that I had reach level three in swordmanship. Now what the hell does level 3 in swordmanship means probably that i won't mistake the pointy end of the sword with the handy end ;-) Seriously since I don't have any idea how many of those level there are and what skill are required to get them (from what I know there is no examen or nothing) I wonder what this certificate is worth. I did have like 5 class on how to fight with a sword but I don't think that the 3rd level of competence.. do you? Stil I bet I could impress you with my twin sword turning around me technic... or if doesn't impress you at least give you a very good laught.

Oh on an slightly related note, just after I received those things I got a call from friends to hang out at the barberie... so of course being a friend and knowing the tradition of beer on sunny days in Quebec I went. Another night of drinking, talking and generaly arguing about the merites of stars wars most recent trilogy (GGEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!). Great evening in short.

One last thing.. three day of sun.. in a row summer is almost done here! just kidding but it does seems like we are having a short span of summer right now.. the skirt are short the tank top filled and woman are beautyfull.. or in the words of François Pérusse: I qu'c'est dont belle une fille.... I c'est dont belle..

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