Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Famous last words

I've been thinkin, let say I died tomorrow and I had time for one last line what would I say? You know would I say something like: "Avenge me son, do not let those murdered get away with it." or something more philosophical like: "Now as I lay down for my eternal rest I cannot help but wonder how much more I still have to learn about life and the universe." I guess it depend on the situation a little, the avenge me son lines is really not appropriate if you don't have a son and you are dying peacefully in your bed. this is a very important question you know maybe the world would remember" me by that line. Also you have to realises that if you have time to say one last line you might as well make it a long one since you know maybe if it is long enough they will find a cure for whatever is killing you before you finish therefore making the whole line meaningless but you pretty much alive.
So here are some good lines to say before you die....

"I regret nothing... well maybe I regrets somethings like the time I... "
"Fear me if you dare cause if you don't I'll come back as a ghost and make sure you fear me then by doing things like..."
"Now that my life is ending I remember how it stared and how it went so well let me tell you, at first I was a little spermatozoid which throught luck and ...."
"before I die I must tell you all the prime number... 1, 2, 3, 5, ...."
"I found the answer to all of life probleme it's... arggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"


yofed said...

Come on, everybody knows your last words would be "Forty-two!"

anyflower said...

42 is an option...

But based on a few probability tests, Asaathi might also answer:
1) "No" (the way Kosh does)
2) I've always been right.