Sunday, June 05, 2005

Candy Girl (first entry into yofed context)

He was in an hurry, his black suitcase held two answers. Two answers he found and knew would revolutionize the world. And to let the world know and be famous, he wanted to be remembered for what he brought to the world, he wanted to be the next Einstein or even more important. He could see the train station from the street corner where he was standing, the light was still red and traffic was too heavy for him to try and cross, his suitcase was too important for that. He looked at his watch, 1h39 pm, the train left at 1h45 he should be able to make it. If the light could only hurry he would feel much safer, he simply could not afford to miss that train. He felt his discovery where too important to keep the world from learning them for a second more then necessary. Suddenly he felt a small tug on his vest, he turned around looking for the impolite person that had dared to interrupt his train of thought. He saw no one, at least no one at eye level; a second tug got him to look lower. There he saw a pretty young girl, a girl scout to be exact. She was wearing what he assumed was the usual girl scout attire, the little pink bow in the hair, little dress and brown shirt. She was smiling at him, a very disarming smile the kind that could sell ice to the Eskimos. She opened her little mouth and in a sweet Girl Scout voice asked: “Sir, I only have one candy left to sell, could you please help me and buy it? If I don’t sell all my candy I won’t be able to go to camp this summer with the other girl”. She sounded like she was about to cry, and he felt that maybe he could help her it was just a candy after all. He answered trying to keep watch at the traffic light: “I’d love too, how much is it?” he tried to smile even if he was very uncomfortable, children always put him ill at ease, he tried to asked something polite: “ What your name by the way?” he quickly added: ”Have you been a girl scout long?”. The Girl Scout smiled:” I’m Annie sir, it’s my second year as girl scout. Last year, I sold more candy then any other girl. But this year…” she let out a little snob and continued “ they already sold as many candy as I did last year, they went to all the places where I sold most of my candy sir. So now I’m stuck with this candy and I’m sure I won’t be the best seller. “ She looked so sad and so adorable, a cuteness attack as some of his geekier coworker would say. He couldn’t help himself and said: “ I’ll buy you a more then one candy, how much are they, maybe I can help you be the best seller.” The girl smiled and answered his question: ”They are only 2 euro each, sir and thank you, thank you so very much.” He smiled and reached into his pocket, turning from the street light, he thought for just a few moment: “You know I’ll take 10 from you would that be enough to help you?” the girl smiled for an instant but then looked very sad: “Sir, I only have this candy with me “ she showed him the candy and continued,” if you buy ten from me I’d have to go back to my house to get them and you look to be in an hurry. But it would really help me I might win best seller with ten more.” He was getting impatient, but how do you as a human being resist such sweetness and cuteness. He was a scientist; he could find the answer to this problem he was sure. As he thought that he found his answer. “My sweet candy girl, I have an idea, I’ll give you my office number at the university and you will bring the candy there all right?” The little girl though for a second then smiled: “ That would be great sir, you’re are a great man to help me like this.” As a scientist he always had paper and pen around somewhere, he searched his pocket quickly, not having noticed the light turning to green and people walking by him to reach the other side of the road. He found is pen and some piece of paper, an old ATM receipt showing that his account wasn’t up to his full potential as he liked to say. He wrote down his office number, and to be on the safe side added his office phone number. He gave candy girl the note and a 30 euro bill : “here you go my dear, just be sure to bring them to my office next monday.” She took the note and bill and as the guy turned around to look at the light and move to his destination but she stopped him by tugging at his shirt again. “Sir, you are forgetting your first candy.” He stopped and took the candy but he was too slow the light had already turned by the time he tried to walk across. “Damn” he cursed, he couldn’t blame the girl but still he was in a hurry. He looked at his watch 1h42 he couldn’t make it. Still he tried still maybe the train would be late. At 1h45 the light turned again, he ran across the street trying to run up to the train station. As he entered the building they announced that his train had left. He missed it. He could still announce his discovery to the world tomorrow but it felt like a failure. So like every scientist feeling down he followed his instinct to the nearest drinking hole. A small pub in the train station provided him with a perfect destination. He dropped his suitcase on a small corner table then the candy on top of it and moves to the bar. “Give me a Guinness… and do you know when the next train for Berlin his?” The bar tender’s eyes left the TV and move to pour a Guinness for the man. “In about 3 hours. You just missed the last one you know”
- Yeah, I know. I was delayed at the last street corner”
The bar tender shook his head and handed him his Guinness. He went to sit at his table and opened his suitcase, thinking that if he has time to kill he might as well check on his finding. His proof that god did not exist would surely stop all the wars of religion and his idea on how to produce more found would stop hunger. He would surely change the world. Time passed and more Guinness went into him. For a reason he could never explain to anyway at 3h he looked toward the TV and saw something that scared him to the core. Live footage, of a train wreck, the Berlin 1h45 train. At that moment the bar tender came over to pick up his last glass and looked at his candy. “Sir, where did you get that candy bar?
- A girl scout on the street corner that why I missed that train.
- Sir that can’t be I worked for that candy company… it closed down 20 years ago.”
The man turned white, he picked up his thing he walked toward the bar exit. He shook his head in disbelief, nothing else could explain it and that means he had made a big mistake. His proof of the non-existence of god was obliviously false. He dropped his proof into the nearest carbage bin and could have sworn that for just a second the arrival and departure windows read something ment only for him.