Thursday, June 16, 2005


Well I don't have any spider in my basement... logically since I don't have any basement at all and my killer cat could eat any spider that would exist there anyway but still it's been a while since I posted something intelligible or something period. So anyway I'll be brief well probably not but you know me all rambling on and on.

I'm feeling blah, you know the kind of feeling when you're not feeling bad but you are a long way from feeling good? I just don't care about doing anything today. I just want to well nothing I want to do a big bunch of nothing at all you know not even watching tv just nothing. I'm so in a blah mode that if Jessica Alba came here striped naked and screamed: TAKE ME ASAATHI! I'd probably just shrug and continu feeling blah. (Well maybe not but you get the picture of how unfeeling I am today). I probably just need a swift and well deserved kick in the ass but well there is no one here that could give it to me.

Oh well writing on this blog is somehow cheering me on so I should be able to work for a few seconds.


apelleri said...

Hi Asaathi,

I think that feeling blah, as you said, is a good thing because you need such a feeling to compare with your "highs" and "downs". As Einstein said, everything is relative!
Take care!

yofed said...

Read Val's last e-mail, and tell me you feel bad. I think she is in a worse situation than any of us, no matter how bad we feel... She will have some tough times to go through, and she will really need us to be there, at least to listen to her.