Thursday, June 30, 2005

Podcast, wow!

I just got the last update of my itune for my ibook (my portable computer for those just joinning us) and it got podcast. What is podcast? well they are kinda like published radio episode that you can download and listen the latest. Their are a lot of different feed about hundred of subject and most of them are free from what I have seen. There are humor, science, art, and so many other subject that I cannot list them all. The quality is very variable but I have found some very interesting science and astronomy podcast namely from NASA and another from Slacker Astronomy. the Slacker Astronomy one is really something you might want to listen to they are funny and scientifically easy to understand. So, two of my thumbs up for podcast.


Well as you can see form the title I am slightly annoyed at my cat (apelleri will be happy she doesn't like cat, which prove that under her gentle exterior she is an evil evil person cause we all know cats are good no? (just kidding apelleri)). You see the underfed animal as eaten through one of my computer speaker cords.. in two places! Normally that wouldn't be such an annonces since computer speaker are worth like 20$ But those are my hey I have money now let buy the best computer money can buy for a college guy 200$ speaker. So that means I'll have to... repair the cords... hey it's only chewed through and it's only a little metal connecting two piece of electronic togethere a little twisting of the metal cord and electric tape will solve the problem nicely. But aside from the fact that it's annoying and I want it to happen, I now have to look at all power cord in the house to see if he as chewed on any other and if he as make sure he does do it again. Hopefully with some bad tasting chemical thing or simply with water, cause you know while speaker cords don't carry much electricity, power cable do...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

So we legalized gay wedding...

Yesterday Canada legalized gay wedding in an "historical" vote. You probably noticed that I put historical between quotation mark and wonder why. Well simply because I do not belive it is that much of an historical moment. We are the third country that legalize it, so it not like we are pionneering. I also do not think that society gain much (aside from money in weeding fees and other tax the governement can claim from the newly married couple) by this.

Sure it give a very small segment of the population "equal" rights to the majority but shouldn't it have been just a formality? Two guy want to come into a legal contract of civil-union (for exemple) why was there a problem in the first place? Why bring in a whole wedding debate into that? Wedding are only religious thingy that religion are still free to provide like they want to whoever they want, while civil-union are what are reconized by the state (in fact at you wedding you have to sign the same paper that every couple sign in a civil union for it to be reconized legallly.)

So in short just because we wanted the law to say one little words to give a right that as mainly nothing to do with that words we pissed up a larger minority then the one we gave the right to. And set up a big debate in Canada and our neighbor that really isn't worth losing sleep over. Give everyone the right to get a civil-union with every other person above the age of consent and leave wedding to religion. There problem solve no big debat cause no religion term is involved and no one can really object to legal right being egal for everyone no?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A strange trend.

As you know I am on a dating website, not really working and I've pretty much given up on that web site, but yesterday as I received a message from someone that probably didn't read my ad I decide to look up at random picture and just look at ad to look around you know have fun. I decided to click only on pretty woman who looked sexy and where striking sexy poses on their picture... well it was either that or look at ugly people and laught at their ad and that wouldn't be nice, or give me bad karma, in fact before I had to think up of a justification for looking at pretty sexy woman ads I had not thought of the other possibility. à

So I looked at the first one, hmm bisexual woman looking for woman only... another bisexual woman looking for woman only.. then a third another bisexual woman looking for woman only. In fact up to now, of the... well let just say dozens I looked at (I had really nothing to do! stop jugging me!) only 2 where heterosexual and only 3 more where not only looking for woman. That tells me somethings: 1. most of these woman where probably man looking to think they where exchanging pictures of almost naked woman with other man, 2. Most normal people won't put an almost naked picture of themself for a serious ad, 3. bisexual woman seems to be exibitionist, 4. I should give myself a swift kick in the butt and do something worthwhile instead of trying to figure trend in dating site.

Well here you have it a second post to well cause I felt like it!

Heat, and humidity and arrrrggghhhh!

Well the heat is killing me, well not really killing me just figuratively killing me. Luckily for me I've got the chance to go to a climatized room for my work. thankfully we brought a thermometer in our office today it climbed up to 38C and with a humidity index of around 74% you can guess it was like swimming except with less cooling power ;-)

Aside from that I'm going rather well I've been going to the university in bike every morning now and it starting to become easier. My time is also improving I cut something like 5 minutes off my first day time. Aside from that it's life as usual so have fun and Yofed, talk to us we can help, I'm a certified MSn therapist (according to Anyflower at least).

Saturday, June 25, 2005

of drinks and bike

Ok now I am mostly drunk.. thank to Candidato a pink spanish wine which I recomand to anyone. it task nutty.. and not in a sexual way ;-) Frankly it is a really good wine with a great taste and since it is pinkish and you have to drink it slightly cool a great summer treat! go for it like I did ;-)

in other new today I finally made a 35 km ride on my bike today, thank pineapple for extre energy and blueberry for a toy fore my cat while I eat more blueberry ;-) I can't really feel my leg anymore but that a great feeling trust me I should be trying for a 40km ride tomorrow... and I will succed! longueur ride and more excercice for me!

You are sleepy...sleepy!

Listen to my voice, only my voice, as you listen to my voice you get sleepier, more confortable. Yes you go deeper into trance hearing only my voice, you surrender to the sleep and confort you are safe here. You trust my voice, you will do anything my voice tell you to do. You are so confortable, my voice allow you to be that confortable, the only way to be more confortable is to obey my voice.... Now you will forget asaathi true name, it was never written on his blog, it was all your imagination. Remeber you will forget asaathi true name and you have never seen it on his blog...

I will count up to five and when i snap my finger you will awaken refreshed and happy with no memory of ever being blognotised....

Thursday, June 23, 2005

What no bike today, has Asaathi already given up?

Well, no I haven't given up. It just that I am not sure I'll be able to get back home on my bike tonight after my kung fu class. I'm usually dead, almost unable to walk tired after my weekly kung fu class. Well I'm not really dead but you get the picture. So I figured out this morning that it wouldn't be a good idea to have to come home on a bike that I might not be able to ride on much less walk with by the end of the day. Yeah yeah, I'm lazy but you know what I prefere to be lazy and at home to celebrate than be traveling for 4 hours to try to get back home because I am too tired to ride my bike. And beside I want to be home early enough to catch my friends and get to the St-Jean party somewhere... probably we will make our own but hey a party is a party!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My first real bike ride of the season

I did my first bike ride, from my home to the university. A little 45 minutes rides with some few "hard" climb. The result, well I know now that I need more exercise ;-) I'm really tired and I probably will be sore tomorrow morning and I'll do it again. I think I may have some masochiste tendancy. Oh well people suffer to be beautifull and since I have a lot of work to do for that I'll have to suffer a lot ;-)

Sunday, June 19, 2005

I bought a bike

I think I have a serious problem, whenever I get something new for myself. Something new that I have never bought before to be exact. I try to get the best thing money can buy (read the most expensive ;-)). My purchase today was no exception. You see I bought a bike, the most expensive hybrid bike they had.... well maybe they had one more expensive but I couldn't affort anything more expensive. It's a great bike and I think It will be great to have it, still I might have overspent on it. You know maybe a bike a few 100$ cheapers would have be just as good for me.

Well anyway I'll do whatever I do when I buy an expensive new things and I think it might be too much. I will use it until I'm sure any less quality in it and it would have exploded by all the activity I had it do. Yeah that means that for the next few summers am gonna be one of those bike guy ;-) I was the computer guy now will be the weird geek bike-computo guy! hmm computo-guy that sound like a lame super-villain name. So when I get it tomorrow (it as to be assembled) I'll probably take a few picture to amaze you (or just to brag but I'm sure you will be amazed ;-))

Friday, June 17, 2005

Oh for the love of god

Well I just learned that two of Quebec unions want to syndicalise the graduate student at Université Laval. While one question they want to "solve" is a important one: the fact that for the same job student are paid less in the summer then in the winter, I really don't that an union is a good idea. Why you might ask? well take a look at the other things the union want to "solve" stop the arbitrary attribution of the workload, a computing of the work hours and better job description. Let's go over then one by one... the arbitrary attribution of the workload allows teacher to give work to the student with the most need and to insure their class are given by student they know and work with. This give each student a better asses to the only ressources he has for his work AND normally keep a good work relationship. We do not need any work attribution based on seniority, what would the point of giving work to student who spend the most time studying? Computing the work hours well 90% of the student I know are either doing the work required of them or less (not much less but there might be an hours or 2 that they are paid but do not work for) so with that "solution" the student will actually get less money. The last one, less see how can it be done? Our task are pretty simple, help student throught the class or/and correct the work of student, how can you define this better? saying things like: well you will correct question 3 and 4 of homework 1 and answer questions about chapter 2 in the book? Now that would really help everyone oh yeah I can see how this is for the best (you are close to drowning in a pool of sarcasm, please open the door or windows to let some escape). My work will be revolutionised and so much better because of this.

SPARE ME THE UNION! keep them away from stuff that works! or if you can't change my job title so that I'm not part of this stupidity.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I had an idea! [warning science]

the following post is an explanation of an idea I had for my doc degree, it is a very scientific post and basicly I am only posting it to get feedback from apelleri and to enlightened you on my genius (or lack of).

Basicaly it is an idea that would allow me to get more information on my galaxy using long slit spectroscopy at the Megantic space telescope (j/k, the megantic telescope). I stared with the following premisse, from my OASIS data I have reconstructed integrated spectrum of the central region of my galaxies. So I know how each lenslet contribute to the flux of the integrated spectrum with a relatively high precission. At Megantic I can obtain integrated spectrum that would overlap the spectrum I already have but show other wavelength where I don't have information. Now I think that I should be able to divide the flux of the wavelength I don't know about into the individual spectra of OASIS knowing how they contribute to the integrated spectrum. This would give me a way to "calculate" approximately parameters that I had no information about before. It wouldn't be perfect but it would be better then no information. I would make sure that the slit of Megantic spectrometer covers just about the right regions (to lower the possible error), wich according to the galaxies' pictures we have should be possible.

If apelleri and my thesis director convince me that is a bad idea, at worse we know that some area dominate the integrated spectrum we can suppose that they come from those dominating region and at least have information about them. So apelleri give me your honest opinion. You know me I always want true opinion.


Well I don't have any spider in my basement... logically since I don't have any basement at all and my killer cat could eat any spider that would exist there anyway but still it's been a while since I posted something intelligible or something period. So anyway I'll be brief well probably not but you know me all rambling on and on.

I'm feeling blah, you know the kind of feeling when you're not feeling bad but you are a long way from feeling good? I just don't care about doing anything today. I just want to well nothing I want to do a big bunch of nothing at all you know not even watching tv just nothing. I'm so in a blah mode that if Jessica Alba came here striped naked and screamed: TAKE ME ASAATHI! I'd probably just shrug and continu feeling blah. (Well maybe not but you get the picture of how unfeeling I am today). I probably just need a swift and well deserved kick in the ass but well there is no one here that could give it to me.

Oh well writing on this blog is somehow cheering me on so I should be able to work for a few seconds.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
My first real desert like climate. it was beautifull, kinda like what I would imagine a teraformed mars to look like. And it was so calm it was freaky.

five stars

five stars
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
some of you might have doubted that I slep in five star hotel on my trip. So I advice you to count the stars on the hotel front. This is the first hotel I slept in a great hotel I would recommend it to everyone if it wasn't that expensive (95euro a night)


Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
Cactus, yep live semi-wild cactus. that a culture shock you know. I never expected to see any of those plan there it was quite a surprise but still something fun more thing to explore and learn you know

Cube Tree

Weird tree
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
Well the flora in front of my hotel was really weird. YOu had those cacti and this tree that looked like a cube. Not your typical north american vegetation you know.


Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
Not much to say about this except it was a beautifull mosaic made of stone in the step of a stair in madrid. the feel of walking on this is really strange like it not real floor you know.

Insect bus

Insect bus
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
The bus in Madrid you might not see it correctly but at large size you should see that the mirror of this bus are made to ressemble the antena of an insect.

I love fog

Of all weather condition I think I like fog the best. I think it is the most emotionally evocative weather phenomenon, it evoque sadness, mysterie, horror, danger, calm and an host of other. Also I always think it bring a eeriness to the landscape that is refreshing and welcomed. Oh I don't think I would live in a land of perpetual fog because you know the lack of sunshine would be very depressing but once a week or so a deep mysterious fog would be welcomed. It makes the day magical, full of mystery and slightly dangerous.. cause you never know what horror lurks just out of sight in the fog. . .

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Not great news.

Well i got some bad news about one of my cousin. After 3 months of going to the doc and being told that her belly aches where psychosomatic, she went to the hospital for her mother who ask the doctor to examine her too. When they learned the test would required 10 days to give result she went to another hospital where the found out what she had: acute lukemia. Her white cell count is incredibely low and she will be starting chemio therapy monday (they would have started it friday but the doc did not trust the week-end crew with chemio.) I do not know what her odds are but I send her all my prayers and hope. She as a daughter, an husban and a young son I'll be praying and sending my good will their way to. It is always scary when sickness hits close to home particullary when it is something so big as cancer. My hope is that everything will go for the best.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Famous last words

I've been thinkin, let say I died tomorrow and I had time for one last line what would I say? You know would I say something like: "Avenge me son, do not let those murdered get away with it." or something more philosophical like: "Now as I lay down for my eternal rest I cannot help but wonder how much more I still have to learn about life and the universe." I guess it depend on the situation a little, the avenge me son lines is really not appropriate if you don't have a son and you are dying peacefully in your bed. this is a very important question you know maybe the world would remember" me by that line. Also you have to realises that if you have time to say one last line you might as well make it a long one since you know maybe if it is long enough they will find a cure for whatever is killing you before you finish therefore making the whole line meaningless but you pretty much alive.
So here are some good lines to say before you die....

"I regret nothing... well maybe I regrets somethings like the time I... "
"Fear me if you dare cause if you don't I'll come back as a ghost and make sure you fear me then by doing things like..."
"Now that my life is ending I remember how it stared and how it went so well let me tell you, at first I was a little spermatozoid which throught luck and ...."
"before I die I must tell you all the prime number... 1, 2, 3, 5, ...."
"I found the answer to all of life probleme it's... arggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The silliness of hair growth ad

This morning I saw a hair grow clinic ad on the bus before I left. The ad showed a man with thick luxurious hair half naked with a beautifull woman (half naked too) probably 20 years younger then he is. Now hey are trying to get us to think that if you go there you will not only get your hair back but also get cute younger chicks to fall in love with you. Are man actually that dumb? Do they belive that they will go from bald lonely guy to chick magnet in a day? Does this ad actually increase the number of people coming to this clinic?

After that moment of wondering how stupid we (man) were, I thought back about all the ads targeted at man. And well I realised that 99% of them are in the format: get our product and you will get girls!!! Frankly considering the number of single guy I know and the number of those guy that have got some of these product I could suit for false advertizing ;-) Seriously thinking that the only way to sell a product is to get man to think it will give them woman is like thinking the only way to seel a product to woman is to tell them it makes them more beautifull. In short I am slightly insulted that advertisement consider man to be so stupid that they only need one trick to convience us of something and disapointed that in many case they are right.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Well how about today...

Today I thought about one thing, the resignation of Bernard Landry and my work. the resignation of Bernard Landry who is the leader of the Party Quebecois for those who do not know him is in my humble opinion a good thing. We need younger leaders and fresh idea. My work well that slightly boring right now reading articles all day is not the most passionating thing one can do. but hey once that's done I'll start writing my predoc examen and be ready to start the last leg of my doctorat.

another thing got me slightly stressed. I talked with someone in my building and apparantly the owner as decided that he did not want pets anymore. Apparently she received a letter telling her that, now since I didn't receive that letter I,m not too stressed but if it was the case I'd have to leave for another place cause am not leaving my cat to someone else or euthanaising him. I'll find a new place that accept cats and hopefully less expensive.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Candy Girl (first entry into yofed context)

He was in an hurry, his black suitcase held two answers. Two answers he found and knew would revolutionize the world. And to let the world know and be famous, he wanted to be remembered for what he brought to the world, he wanted to be the next Einstein or even more important. He could see the train station from the street corner where he was standing, the light was still red and traffic was too heavy for him to try and cross, his suitcase was too important for that. He looked at his watch, 1h39 pm, the train left at 1h45 he should be able to make it. If the light could only hurry he would feel much safer, he simply could not afford to miss that train. He felt his discovery where too important to keep the world from learning them for a second more then necessary. Suddenly he felt a small tug on his vest, he turned around looking for the impolite person that had dared to interrupt his train of thought. He saw no one, at least no one at eye level; a second tug got him to look lower. There he saw a pretty young girl, a girl scout to be exact. She was wearing what he assumed was the usual girl scout attire, the little pink bow in the hair, little dress and brown shirt. She was smiling at him, a very disarming smile the kind that could sell ice to the Eskimos. She opened her little mouth and in a sweet Girl Scout voice asked: “Sir, I only have one candy left to sell, could you please help me and buy it? If I don’t sell all my candy I won’t be able to go to camp this summer with the other girl”. She sounded like she was about to cry, and he felt that maybe he could help her it was just a candy after all. He answered trying to keep watch at the traffic light: “I’d love too, how much is it?” he tried to smile even if he was very uncomfortable, children always put him ill at ease, he tried to asked something polite: “ What your name by the way?” he quickly added: ”Have you been a girl scout long?”. The Girl Scout smiled:” I’m Annie sir, it’s my second year as girl scout. Last year, I sold more candy then any other girl. But this year…” she let out a little snob and continued “ they already sold as many candy as I did last year, they went to all the places where I sold most of my candy sir. So now I’m stuck with this candy and I’m sure I won’t be the best seller. “ She looked so sad and so adorable, a cuteness attack as some of his geekier coworker would say. He couldn’t help himself and said: “ I’ll buy you a more then one candy, how much are they, maybe I can help you be the best seller.” The girl smiled and answered his question: ”They are only 2 euro each, sir and thank you, thank you so very much.” He smiled and reached into his pocket, turning from the street light, he thought for just a few moment: “You know I’ll take 10 from you would that be enough to help you?” the girl smiled for an instant but then looked very sad: “Sir, I only have this candy with me “ she showed him the candy and continued,” if you buy ten from me I’d have to go back to my house to get them and you look to be in an hurry. But it would really help me I might win best seller with ten more.” He was getting impatient, but how do you as a human being resist such sweetness and cuteness. He was a scientist; he could find the answer to this problem he was sure. As he thought that he found his answer. “My sweet candy girl, I have an idea, I’ll give you my office number at the university and you will bring the candy there all right?” The little girl though for a second then smiled: “ That would be great sir, you’re are a great man to help me like this.” As a scientist he always had paper and pen around somewhere, he searched his pocket quickly, not having noticed the light turning to green and people walking by him to reach the other side of the road. He found is pen and some piece of paper, an old ATM receipt showing that his account wasn’t up to his full potential as he liked to say. He wrote down his office number, and to be on the safe side added his office phone number. He gave candy girl the note and a 30 euro bill : “here you go my dear, just be sure to bring them to my office next monday.” She took the note and bill and as the guy turned around to look at the light and move to his destination but she stopped him by tugging at his shirt again. “Sir, you are forgetting your first candy.” He stopped and took the candy but he was too slow the light had already turned by the time he tried to walk across. “Damn” he cursed, he couldn’t blame the girl but still he was in a hurry. He looked at his watch 1h42 he couldn’t make it. Still he tried still maybe the train would be late. At 1h45 the light turned again, he ran across the street trying to run up to the train station. As he entered the building they announced that his train had left. He missed it. He could still announce his discovery to the world tomorrow but it felt like a failure. So like every scientist feeling down he followed his instinct to the nearest drinking hole. A small pub in the train station provided him with a perfect destination. He dropped his suitcase on a small corner table then the candy on top of it and moves to the bar. “Give me a Guinness… and do you know when the next train for Berlin his?” The bar tender’s eyes left the TV and move to pour a Guinness for the man. “In about 3 hours. You just missed the last one you know”
- Yeah, I know. I was delayed at the last street corner”
The bar tender shook his head and handed him his Guinness. He went to sit at his table and opened his suitcase, thinking that if he has time to kill he might as well check on his finding. His proof that god did not exist would surely stop all the wars of religion and his idea on how to produce more found would stop hunger. He would surely change the world. Time passed and more Guinness went into him. For a reason he could never explain to anyway at 3h he looked toward the TV and saw something that scared him to the core. Live footage, of a train wreck, the Berlin 1h45 train. At that moment the bar tender came over to pick up his last glass and looked at his candy. “Sir, where did you get that candy bar?
- A girl scout on the street corner that why I missed that train.
- Sir that can’t be I worked for that candy company… it closed down 20 years ago.”
The man turned white, he picked up his thing he walked toward the bar exit. He shook his head in disbelief, nothing else could explain it and that means he had made a big mistake. His proof of the non-existence of god was obliviously false. He dropped his proof into the nearest carbage bin and could have sworn that for just a second the arrival and departure windows read something ment only for him.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Fear me... if you dare!

Well let see what kind of news i write about today, oh yeah I am not officially dangerous (nope but it sound important). Yet last night I received my green belt in kung fu AND a certificate proving that I had reach level three in swordmanship. Now what the hell does level 3 in swordmanship means probably that i won't mistake the pointy end of the sword with the handy end ;-) Seriously since I don't have any idea how many of those level there are and what skill are required to get them (from what I know there is no examen or nothing) I wonder what this certificate is worth. I did have like 5 class on how to fight with a sword but I don't think that the 3rd level of competence.. do you? Stil I bet I could impress you with my twin sword turning around me technic... or if doesn't impress you at least give you a very good laught.

Oh on an slightly related note, just after I received those things I got a call from friends to hang out at the barberie... so of course being a friend and knowing the tradition of beer on sunny days in Quebec I went. Another night of drinking, talking and generaly arguing about the merites of stars wars most recent trilogy (GGEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!). Great evening in short.

One last thing.. three day of sun.. in a row summer is almost done here! just kidding but it does seems like we are having a short span of summer right now.. the skirt are short the tank top filled and woman are beautyfull.. or in the words of François Pérusse: I qu'c'est dont belle une fille.... I c'est dont belle..

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Two days of sun!

that the limit that quebecer can tolerate before complaining ;-) This morning I had a friend come in and tell us: it's too hot today! i'm tired of heat! We had only two days of the damn thing give us at least time to tan or something like that. Well I know that I for one is happy that there is still sun and heat to be had in Quebec, not that I hate cold but I love warm more. So here we go the days of beer outside are starting.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Is it finally the stars of the good days?

Finally we have some days of sun. Now it is time to start complaining about the heat! come on people you know what I mean it's like what 23 outside today that far too hot ;-)

sorry I couldn't help but comment at Quebecer's habit of complaining about everything. In winter it's the cold and the snow, in summer it's the unbearable heat, in spring it the lack of heat and in autumn too much rain. I think i will be taking the resolution not to complain again... about the weather if it is typical of the season.

But seriously it seems we finally have some days of nice weather ahead where we will be able to finally go out without a snowsuit and enjoy the shortening of the skirt and the ritual summer showing of the skin of pretty lady. Now isn,t it the real reason why I.. oups god created summer? so that we get short skirt, tank top and pretty lady together in one sexy place?

Which remind me, there is something as a too short skirt. I seriously don't want to see any skirt that can tell me if you wearing panties or not when you're standing straight girl. That simply too slutty. why am I telling this? well yesterday I went shopping with a friends and in this shop there where those skirt that where so small I'm pretty sure you could call them belt. An inch or two longer and they would have been called underwear. Sure I can imagine a situation or two (or three... or four.. or damn you got my imagination going now) where that skirt would be fun to have around, but none of them involve walking down the street or more then 3 peoples (ok 2 in fact but 3 makes me look cooler)