Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What? I didn't post yesterday?!??!

Oh boy, I just realised that I had droped the ball on you faithfull reader. I forgot to post a mad rambling or to deploy a weapon of mass education yesterday. I hope it didn't cause any undo harm and that no one thought about suicides because of this. Well I'll try to make up for it today with a few post. First, little news about my life, I just send my travel expanse report and I am waiting for the check. they owe me over 1000$ (and I received a 2400$ pre travel money) . Traveling is expansive but it's so fun... and it give you so much life experience. It also force you to learn to rely on yourself, particullary if you do not talk the official language of the place. (Note to self, learn spanish before you next trip to the Canaries Island).

oh an on another note, after talking to anyflower last evening I have to say that I'm even more convinced she is the perfect woman. She likes to date physicist!!! now how can a woman like that not be perfect ;-)

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yofed said...

She likes it so much she is MARRIED to one.... get that through your head! ;-)