Sunday, May 08, 2005

Too much plan time.

Up to now I´ve spend more then 12 hours in a plane. that too much trust me.. particulary since the last plane was filled with french who screams talked loudly and generally had annoying children. I simply had no patience for them. On a side note I´m ending up posting much more then I had first planed to. Sorry however no usb port so no pictures. I have a great one of the view from my hotel room. You´d all have been jealous. Yodef, I miss you to you know. In fact I miss all my friends and peoples to talk to. Hopefully later today when the conference begin I´ll have at least some people to talk to in english. I really feel alone when I know I can´t talk to anyone. On well no sence not enjoying my trip because I feel alone.

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