Thursday, May 26, 2005


Well it seems sleep is a comodity I am very poor in. Because of a friend that is currently observing at the megantic telescope I find myself staying up every night to keep her compagnie because as most of the time at the megantic telescope it's raining or she simply cannot observe because of clouds. But then in the morning I have go get up and work so I end up sleeping less then her. Not really fair but hey our conversation are funny so it's worth a little loss of sleep.

Still this loss will be felt a great deal tonight I think.. I have my kung fu class, it's been four weeks since I last did any and I'm tired.. do you think I'll be able to walk tomorrow?

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anyflower said...

If it's your friends fault, and since she is a female,she owes you a good massage right after you get out of a hot oily bath. Don't you deserve that? It's worth a try at least, lol.