Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ready to go!

Hey boys and girl I'm ready to go to the canaries Island everything is done and I only have to walk up take a shower and get on the bus tomorrow morning... For those that might be interested here is my detailed itiniary.

Mai 6th 2005
09h30 I take the bus from Québec to Montréal International Airport
13h30 Arriving in Montréal Airport
18h00 I leave on KLM's flight 672 for Amsterdam

Mai 7th 2005
06h45 I arrive in Amsterdam
09h20 I leave Amsterdam for Madrid on KLM's flight 1701(the Enterprise flight!)
11h55 I arrive in Madrid
22h10 I leave Madrid for Las Palmas Gran Canaria
23h55 Arrival at Las Palmas
I'll be staying at the Steigenberger Dunas La Canaria Hotel for the night

Mai 8th 2005
14h00 I leave Las Palmas for La Palma
I'll be staying at the H10 Taburiente Playa Hotel from Mai 8th to Mai 13th

Mai 13th 2005
10h00 I leave La Palma for La Palma
20h55 I leave Las Pamas for Madrid
I'll be staying at the Sercotel Auditorium Madrid Hotel for the night

Mai 14th 2005
10h40 I leave Madrid for Amsterdam on KLM flight 1700
13h15 Arriving in Amsterdam
14h30 I leave Amsterdam for Montréal on KLM flight 671
15h50 I arrive in Montréal for my other conference

Quite a trip no? Anyway I'll try to keep you posted with pictures and comments from my travel abroad. I hope I'll have easy asses to the net. If not well expect a lot of long and meaningfull (or less) post on my return. See ya soon and I love you all!

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