Friday, May 20, 2005

The power of boobies

Ok let first put things into context. On the first day of CASCA (that the Canadian astronomical society canadienne d'astronomie's conference I had from the 14 to 17 of mai just after the one in the canaries island) I met some people from Ontario and (yofed will have a field day with that) I found one of them quite interesting (she was good looking and had a little spark in her action that just begged for me to try to know her better). So for the first two days I met up with her irregularily (her room was just accross the hall from mine) and we talked some, not much nothing really impressive. Then came the TBS initiation party just after the banquet diner (wich mean a few glass of wine to start a booze filled evening), so I guess I wanted to impress her.

With some friend we went to play pools and drink pitcher of the house beer. Now normally I'm pretty average at pool. Well maybe below average, but still not to the level of suckiness I was that day. Frankly it seemed I couldn't hit a ball straight or get a ball in one of the pocket. One three game I had an average of only one ball in (we where playing in teams). Now I was having a very sucky game and for some reason I was trying to get this girl to play with us. Well she came over to see how it was and tell me she'll be chucking tequilla shot with some other people (and asked if I wanted to go with them... but I know the evil of tequilla so..). Well my turn came and the balls where in a particullary bad position you know the one in a thousan shot.

Well I made the shot, quite expertely to the amusement of my friend who where playing with me. Now the balls where in an even worse position a one in a millions shot (you know the kind three side before hitting the ball and it has to travel half the table to reach a pocket), being the guy trying to impress a girl that I was I tried the shot... and made it perfectly. I even was placed correctly to have an easy shot on the next one! So at that moment she was called over to the tequilla shots. I take the last shot to get the easy victory... and you guess it I miss patheticly.

So for the next hours or so I get teased by my friend about how the presence of this girl actually improve my performance. Luckly I played really well the next game without her being there. Now for those who wonder about if anything happened with the girl: no nothing. She went to tequilla shot and by the time the bar closed she was so hammered that I as a gentlement (and all around nice guy) would not try anything.

Oh well everyone, drink with me to the ones to got away.CHEERS!

Oh and P.S. I just read anyflower description and what you say to that kind of woman is either: will you marry me or if she is already taken: do you have a clone or a twin sister? She's close to be the perfect woman, come on: sci-fi, computer, PROGRESSIVE METAL! and that knows that everything does at one point taste like chicken in movies, what more does a woman need?

Cheer again!

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anyflower said...

Common man! I'm disappointed you forgot the beer part. U know, one good way to flirt with women is actually to be in presence of another one. Let me explain: u go on a friendly date with a girl and it seems (but not scientifically proved yet) that the other girls around become suddently more interested. So u have 3 choices: invite your mother, invite a good looking friend or find a real girl friend... The choice is yours!