Wednesday, May 11, 2005

KLM plane to Amsterdam

KLM plane to Amsterdam
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
This should have been posted a long time ago. It's actually the first picture I took on that trip. It is a picture of the plan I took from Montreal to Amsterdam while it was waiting for us punny human to embarq. It's and MD-11 an old plane not really confortable for someone my size but at least the food was kinda good and I had a windows seat (not that there is much to look at over the Atlantic ocean). It was in that plane that I realised how air canada was cheap. On an air canada flight you have to pay for any drink other then soft drink, juice and water. On that KLM flight i could have had wine (not that good wine but still) 2 or 3 times without paying an extra buck! Also everything was said in 3 languages. Duthc, English and french wich was an interesting experience. Well that all for the pictures before I'm back to Montreal so enjoy them and remember I still have a few 10s to show you.


V said...

c'est une belle photo, j'trouve.

asaathi said...

Merci V. j'en ai des meilleur je penses ;-) Surtout des telescopes.