Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm a clone apparently

It's seem I am almost exactly like anyflower boyfriend. And I can't even be the original one without some freaky time travel and fountain of youth improbable situation. Me that prided myself on my origniality (no there no spelling mistake I do want to say my closeness to orignial) it seems that like everyone I am an unique person... which make me someone just like everyone.

Oh well that still something funny to consider, I'm a clown so I'll work for the rights of clowns like the right to harvest the original organs to cure our disease. We have the weight of number so we will control democratie!!! MUWHAHAHAHA cought cought! oups sorry megalomanical laughter is not my forte.

1 comment:

apelleri said...

So there is a double of yourself somewhere... OH MY GOD! I don't want to think about that anymore!