Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I suffer from a lazy streak.

Yep, since I came back from my travel I've been lazy. I've barely cleaned things up in my appartement and I don't think I have yet done the dishes (which is a probleme since I am running out of place to put the dirty one and of clean one to eat out of). So well the conclusion is that I am getting lazy, I haven't even do any sport or excercise since then. Well it a resolution I'll stop lazying around and clean up my appartement and do some sports ;-)

On an other note I just realised that lazy and laser are words that are close together... why is it important enought for me to mention it? Well it isn't but I found it interesting so you get to read about it you lucky people you. Admit it without me you'll read about so many interesting things your head would explode. I'm doing this for you ;-)

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