Sunday, May 29, 2005

Here is what I would do.

Lets see, if I had all the power I wanted, all the money I wanted and anything. I would do everything ;-) Cure all the disease, impose world peace, stop world hunger, invent FTL travel to bring humanity to the stars, build a time machine, give money to all the scienctist so that science can progress and all. Now I guess yofed wanted something a little less linked with the unlimitedness of the resources and more related to our priority so in that optic here is what I would do:

Get a project to sent human to another stars going and see it come to an end with the steping of the first man on a earth-like planete light-years away. I would choses that project because I belive that the requirement for this project include, world peace (you cannot have a project like that without the cooperation of everyone). This kind of project would bring new solution to hunger as new food sources would be needed, new clean energy sources (you do not want polution on a generation ship), advances in medecine (to make sure people do not die up of sickness in the voyage) and would provide untold advances in tehcnology as new things would need to be build to make this trip possible. Oh and one last thing I would do with that power and money would be to be sure I got on that trip ;-)

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yofed said...

I'm not sure I would like to have to rebuild civilization from scratch... that's a lot of work and I'm to prone to procrastination for that!