Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I find myself being generous at odd moment. Last night after my diner with my friend, while I was waiting for her to come back from some errant I was asked 25cent by a girl for bus fare. Strangly normally I wouldn't have given her money. Not that I am cheap but well normally I don't have money on me and i don't like to give to people that beg, if they don't do something in addition to begging (like playing music or something). but last night I gave her the 25 cents, my friend came back second latter and we headed to her home so that I could see the cat that I would take care of in two weeks. Nothing strange but coming from there I meet a guy.. Roger or something like that he said. He asked me how to get to Charlesbourg by bus. Considering we where close to the direct line to charlerbourg that wasn't too hard to explain. he then asked for money for a bus fare... and gave it to him strange. I had never done that before. It felt nice, but I don't think I'll start to give money to everyone that ask for it.. just that sometimes I might show myself more generous than my usual cheap self ;-)

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