Monday, May 16, 2005

Flying first class the actual experience

So even if I don't have much time I still have enough time to make a post this morning before going to visit the canadian space agencie. Of course in a few post I will tell you what it was like and post pictures of that. So now about first class flying. I must say that it is good, it was only a three hours flight from Gran Canaria to Madrid but instead of a no meal flight I had a meal, great wine (and it's all you can drink!) for the little 20 something people in first class (I think they call it busines class now but heh) you have a steward. The seat in first class have a lot more leg room, about one and an half the leg room of economic class seating. And finally THE greatest thing about it (in my not at all humble opinon) is that you have much less engine noises. maybe it just cause you are farther away from the enging but frankly I loved it. You can't understand some of the annoncement (well in that case that didn't mean much since they where all in spanish but still) in economic class and well the windows don't seem to be placed for you to look out of them. Really annoying. but I guess that goes with the windows seat with no window I had on the flight to Gran Canaria. I might not drink Guiness but I'll drink to you tonight (and I drunk to you last night ;^) conference are hard work you know. CHEERS! And remember if it moves it not a politician.

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