Saturday, May 14, 2005

A day in an airport

Today after clearing up a little matter of the web site of Binter Carnaria and my ticket back to Gran Canaria and finding that I was not going back at 14h but at 8h50 in the morning. Now I remember that when I planned that I wanted to visit this island for the day and enjoy it. This was of course before I twisted my ankle and got some relatively big sunburn (I think it was not a good trip for my feet). Those two “injuries” make my idea of walking the island very unlikely well not exactly unlikely more like uncommonly painful. So when I got down from the plane in Gran Canaria I was not looking forward to a day of walking around. Then I remembered that it actually either take 2hours to get from the airport to any kind of meaningful city or cost 50 (75$) Euro by taxi. So I ended up deciding to stay in the airport, it better for my feet and it also gave me the opportunity to read a little of my book. The only thing that would have made this a “good” place to spend the day would have been internet access. But while it wasn’t present I could still begin to write a post on my word-processor software (it also remove my too common spelling mistake). So I read most of the day, now I have finish my last book and I still have 4 hours to go before my return to Madrid. So I guess I will compose a post ;-)

Now you see something really annoy me with the Spanish people, they never respect non-smoking sign (and I guess European tourist too). Even with the signs are one foot wide and when messages are heard over the intercom every 20 minutes telling people not to smoke except in designated area. Those that know me know that I hate the smell of cigarette and that I am very intolerent toward people who smoke in non-smoking area but damn it I can’t do anything since I do not speak Spanish. And to had to the insult (in my mind at least) the airport security and employ don’t mind the smoking hell they even smoke themselves.

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