Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cleaning the house...

I just about spent the whole day cleaning my apparement. Yeah pretty boring stuff but there where something special about it. See my an my ex liked to recycle unfortunatly the building where I live doesn't have any recycling so we have to get tour recycling by ourself to dump point. the dump point aren't that far from home but still far enough to make it a pain in the ass to get it there. So we had accumulated quite a lot of papre, glass and metal to recycle. Now when our couple ended since I keep the appartement I got stuck with all of that. Now I didn't want to throw it all away since we keept it for recycling and I was too lazy to drop it in the recycling bin and I did keep pilling stuff to recycle. Well today i finally got fed up and droped all of it off to be recycled. Most of the day I ended up going back and forth between the bin and my home but it was worth it. I don't know how but I feel like my appartement is cleaner (washing the floors and doing a full clean up probably as something to do with it) than ever before (at least since I live alone with my cat... oh god that sound bad ;-)).

So the house is clean, I'm kinda tired but happy and it's not raining so things are good. Have fun you all and don't forget to do 10 impossible things before lunch every day.


yofed said...

10 impossible things to do:
1-Find your soul mate and marry her/him the same day
2-Prove the existence of intelligent life outside this planet
3-Invent a time travel machine
4-Make my employer cease to exist, so I don't have to go back, ever
5-Make me and pretty flower fall in love with you
6-Make sure my boyfriend gets me pregnant-now!
7-World peace
8-Make mental ilnesses dissapear (that way pretty flower wont have a hard time chosing the job to keep)
9-Find someone for Manbous
10-We all win the lottery together and live rich and happily ever after!

yofed said...

I guess I didn't read properly.... you meant US, doing impossible things.... geez! I do more than that every day! Try to change a very messy diaper with a squirmy toddler who just want to smear poop all over the place!