Friday, May 27, 2005

Again with the ankle and stuff

Well my plan to be unable to walk today seems to have come to pass. About two hours before my kung fu class I decided to get something to eat. I had not walked 100m metter when I did a wrong move and twisted my ankle, again. needless to say that put a stop to all kung fu that night and pissed me up royally.

Oh well it gave me some time to work on my proceeding from my conference (it supposed to be between 4 and 10 pages... I'm at 10 pages and I have to finish the references.) So it not that bad. just annoying.

Now stuff, hmm well stuff is great you know you can't live without stuff. at least the oxygen stuff and the water stuff and the food stuff. it interesting how things are that way. Oh and one last thing, have a good trip to Victoria anyflower, it a great place. Be sure to eat wild salmon and not the farmed kind! (Taste much better) and if you don't like salmon then make sure to go to Vancouver and go to the Grandville Island Brewery enjoy the beer at least!

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yofed said...

Admit it, you twisted your ankle on purpose just because you read that Manbous had beautiful ladies taking care of him.... you were envious!