Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Last day of Yofed's contest

well, it is the last day of yofed contest.. and I still haven't down written anything oh I have three ideas but I don't seem to be able to find the time to write (probably because the deadline was so far away ;-). Thank god she did give us an extantion or else I would have had to write all night! ;-)

Well that only the small nonsenses post of the morning will see more in the afternoon.

Monday, May 30, 2005

This is a non-smoking blog

For the enjoyement of all we would ask you to please put out your cigarette and abstaint from smoking while reading this blog.

Now that this is out of the way, you might remember the little rantish thing I did about monchoix.ca promoting smokers' right a little while ago. Well it seems I am not the only one that found those publicity stupid and annoying. Some non smoker have taken up the flame and came up with monchoixamoi.ca a web site that remind you of the 75% of the popupaltion who does not smoke and does not want the health problem associated with this addiction.

Even if we could isolate smokers completly and insure that no one that does not smoke fall victim to a cigarette related disease we have to remember that in Canada we all pay for the health care of others and that cigarette related disease cost billions each years and would still cost millions if only the smokers suffered from them. If you smoke stop, you're not getting anything out of it and it ruining everyone, including you.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Here is what I would do.

Lets see, if I had all the power I wanted, all the money I wanted and anything. I would do everything ;-) Cure all the disease, impose world peace, stop world hunger, invent FTL travel to bring humanity to the stars, build a time machine, give money to all the scienctist so that science can progress and all. Now I guess yofed wanted something a little less linked with the unlimitedness of the resources and more related to our priority so in that optic here is what I would do:

Get a project to sent human to another stars going and see it come to an end with the steping of the first man on a earth-like planete light-years away. I would choses that project because I belive that the requirement for this project include, world peace (you cannot have a project like that without the cooperation of everyone). This kind of project would bring new solution to hunger as new food sources would be needed, new clean energy sources (you do not want polution on a generation ship), advances in medecine (to make sure people do not die up of sickness in the voyage) and would provide untold advances in tehcnology as new things would need to be build to make this trip possible. Oh and one last thing I would do with that power and money would be to be sure I got on that trip ;-)

Cleaning the house...

I just about spent the whole day cleaning my apparement. Yeah pretty boring stuff but there where something special about it. See my an my ex liked to recycle unfortunatly the building where I live doesn't have any recycling so we have to get tour recycling by ourself to dump point. the dump point aren't that far from home but still far enough to make it a pain in the ass to get it there. So we had accumulated quite a lot of papre, glass and metal to recycle. Now when our couple ended since I keep the appartement I got stuck with all of that. Now I didn't want to throw it all away since we keept it for recycling and I was too lazy to drop it in the recycling bin and I did keep pilling stuff to recycle. Well today i finally got fed up and droped all of it off to be recycled. Most of the day I ended up going back and forth between the bin and my home but it was worth it. I don't know how but I feel like my appartement is cleaner (washing the floors and doing a full clean up probably as something to do with it) than ever before (at least since I live alone with my cat... oh god that sound bad ;-)).

So the house is clean, I'm kinda tired but happy and it's not raining so things are good. Have fun you all and don't forget to do 10 impossible things before lunch every day.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Can we get real news?

Here are two of the news we had at Radio Canada tonight: Trudeau's song is getting married and a duck lost 1 of her duckling in the sewers. I wouldn't mind the first, Trudeau was a prime minister of Canada and his considered to be somewhat an historical figure, however this is not the biggest news that happened today in the world I'm sure of it. So why oh why was it the first thing they spoke about and why did they spoke of it for 5 minutes (on a 30 minutes news program!) . It's great for him that he is getting married but it's not really important in the world or even in Canada. The duck now that just really have nothing to do with news. It can be shown in a local news paper or even local news but not national news!

Are news trying to make us stupid?

Where are the cute nurse?

Now, yofed said that I twisted my ankle (again) so that I could like manbou be treated by cute nurse. Well WHRE ARE THE CUTE NURSE? I see no cute nurse, is some home treatemant too much to ask? Now I have a twiste ankle and no car that mean I cannot walk to the hospital you know, cute nurse (for ugly nurse don't bother I'm all right) should come and check on me.

Hmm that suddently made me think, if all nurse were ugly I'm pretty sure more people would be better much faster. Maybe this is the way we have been looking for to solve the emergency room problem of Quebec. Maybe what the health care system needs is not more money but more Ugly nurse, and a way to pay to have the cute nurse taking cure of you (like I don't know 1000$ a day or something like that). the cuter nurse would et bonus on "performance". ;-)

Seriously just kidding keep in the cute nurse and the ugly one too. When I'm sick enough to go to the hospital, I way to sick to flirt with a nurse good looking or not. All I want is competent people to work toward curing me and make sure that when I'm well enough to flirt they kick me out with a swift kick in the ass. Finally outside an hospital I'm very willing to meet cute nurse (or cute any job woman for that matter) and flirt. They can even buy me a beer or two or three... seeya!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Again with the ankle and stuff

Well my plan to be unable to walk today seems to have come to pass. About two hours before my kung fu class I decided to get something to eat. I had not walked 100m metter when I did a wrong move and twisted my ankle, again. needless to say that put a stop to all kung fu that night and pissed me up royally.

Oh well it gave me some time to work on my proceeding from my conference (it supposed to be between 4 and 10 pages... I'm at 10 pages and I have to finish the references.) So it not that bad. just annoying.

Now stuff, hmm well stuff is great you know you can't live without stuff. at least the oxygen stuff and the water stuff and the food stuff. it interesting how things are that way. Oh and one last thing, have a good trip to Victoria anyflower, it a great place. Be sure to eat wild salmon and not the farmed kind! (Taste much better) and if you don't like salmon then make sure to go to Vancouver and go to the Grandville Island Brewery enjoy the beer at least!

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Well it seems sleep is a comodity I am very poor in. Because of a friend that is currently observing at the megantic telescope I find myself staying up every night to keep her compagnie because as most of the time at the megantic telescope it's raining or she simply cannot observe because of clouds. But then in the morning I have go get up and work so I end up sleeping less then her. Not really fair but hey our conversation are funny so it's worth a little loss of sleep.

Still this loss will be felt a great deal tonight I think.. I have my kung fu class, it's been four weeks since I last did any and I'm tired.. do you think I'll be able to walk tomorrow?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Is today an holiday I haven't hear about?

Like the title says... there like only half the people that are normally here working today? Is it the first day of sun in a darn long while holiday? Yep we finally have sun in quebec today in fact according to my weather watch it is partly cloudy at around 15C. (no not 15 times the speed of light you physic geek 15 celcius! ah physicist and their weird underdanting of simple day to day life of normal euclidian people).

On a completly unrelated matter a while ago a guy I know from one of my classes talked about how french miss pronounce some words and how it can be very funny for him. Like for exemple it seem that in Quebec when we say happiness it sound like a penis. So french girl and woman when an englo ask you what you want in life please for the love of god don't answer happiness. It might be misinterpreted you know ;-)

On another completly unrelated note, my prog-metal day goes very well... lots of Dreamtheater and Ayreon up to now. I hope we have a little Victoria from Yofed ;-) I'm sure that with her gene and the positive of Dream theater music to help her she would become a great prog-metal singer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I recently learned that someone I considered a friend did not yet consider me one (that has apparently changed since them but still) and that made me question myself on the meaning of friendship. Do both side have to say they are friend for a true friendship to devellop? what is a true friendship anyway? What are the criteria for a true friendship. Is it when you tell each other secrets? When you are willing to tell a lie for each other? Just when you are very confortable with the person? Can you really make a line where a person on one side of the line is a friend on the other side he is not?

Personally I don't think so. In fact I think that the "line" between friends and aquintance is vague and change for each person you are in contact with. You know with person one you might be friend when you are confortable with him/her but another you would never consider yourself friend with him/her. It lacks a small subtle thing that I could never point out. Am I the only one like that? Do you have clear lines for friends and aquintance? well that my first question for the day.

Let's made tomorrow prog metal day!

Hey faithfull and not so faithfull reader. I'm propositing that we make tomorrow listen to prog-metal day! Yep, that means you remove all other style of music from your playlist and listen to go old prog-metal (or good new!). It would be great no? So go everyone do it! even you Yofed.

I suffer from a lazy streak.

Yep, since I came back from my travel I've been lazy. I've barely cleaned things up in my appartement and I don't think I have yet done the dishes (which is a probleme since I am running out of place to put the dirty one and of clean one to eat out of). So well the conclusion is that I am getting lazy, I haven't even do any sport or excercise since then. Well it a resolution I'll stop lazying around and clean up my appartement and do some sports ;-)

On an other note I just realised that lazy and laser are words that are close together... why is it important enought for me to mention it? Well it isn't but I found it interesting so you get to read about it you lucky people you. Admit it without me you'll read about so many interesting things your head would explode. I'm doing this for you ;-)

I'm a clone apparently

It's seem I am almost exactly like anyflower boyfriend. And I can't even be the original one without some freaky time travel and fountain of youth improbable situation. Me that prided myself on my origniality (no there no spelling mistake I do want to say my closeness to orignial) it seems that like everyone I am an unique person... which make me someone just like everyone.

Oh well that still something funny to consider, I'm a clown so I'll work for the rights of clowns like the right to harvest the original organs to cure our disease. We have the weight of number so we will control democratie!!! MUWHAHAHAHA cought cought! oups sorry megalomanical laughter is not my forte.

Weapon of Mass eduction: How the infinitely small rules the universe (part II)

This is the second installement of my how the infinitely small rules the universe. For this one I have choosen a weird subject, galaxy formation. yep I am gonna tell you how the rules of quantum mecanic produce some of the biggest thing there are in the univers. How that for power to the small people?

So here it is:
Galaxy Formation

Curent models for the formation of galaxy stars with a fluctuation in the dark matter uniform background. Good but what does that mean you know? It quite simple, we think that for all intente and purpose the universe if flat, homogeneous and isotropic (flat, well mixted and with no prefered direction in layman's terms), that means things are well pretty much boring. Now, however you can have density fluctuation, that means you have slightly more of a thing in a place then in the other. If that happen with dark matter, since from what we know dark matter only interact gravitationally (by curving space-time) we have a "well" that forms. Everything around being slightly less massives tends to fall into the well. Matter and dark matter alike. So once one of those perturbation collapse you have Hydrogen gas that reach critical density and temperature and you forms the first galaxy and stars (theory aren't sure if the first object are stars or galaxy.. well how do you call a stars that is a million time heavier then the sun?). Now, this could happen a few years after the big bang in theory BUT it doesn't it happens much latter in the univers (around redshift 5-6 or about a 13 Gyrs in the past which is a few hundred million year after the big bang). the big question is why don't the perturbation collaspe sooner? Well there is another thing to consider to have the collapse of a perturbation it must be smaller then the maximum distance that light has travelled since the Big Bang, because anything bigger then that doesn't know it exist yet it is too big. (Kinda like a bureaucratie the minute after you posted your forms). Now, how can you have a perturbation larger then the horizon (the name for that maximum distance), you blow it up. Remember my post about inflation? yep it that, it took small very small fluctuation in space time (the kind of thing quantum mecanic perdict (I told you infinitely small would be in there somewhere)) and blew them up to galactic proportion! If the fluctuation had been larger we might not have galaxy today and if they had been smaller we probably wouldn't have the univers we have today... they had to be in the correct quantum range.

So here you have it, random quantum sized fluctuation coupled with a big increase in size of the universe explain how and when galaxy first formed... amazing ain't it?

What? I didn't post yesterday?!??!

Oh boy, I just realised that I had droped the ball on you faithfull reader. I forgot to post a mad rambling or to deploy a weapon of mass education yesterday. I hope it didn't cause any undo harm and that no one thought about suicides because of this. Well I'll try to make up for it today with a few post. First, little news about my life, I just send my travel expanse report and I am waiting for the check. they owe me over 1000$ (and I received a 2400$ pre travel money) . Traveling is expansive but it's so fun... and it give you so much life experience. It also force you to learn to rely on yourself, particullary if you do not talk the official language of the place. (Note to self, learn spanish before you next trip to the Canaries Island).

oh an on another note, after talking to anyflower last evening I have to say that I'm even more convinced she is the perfect woman. She likes to date physicist!!! now how can a woman like that not be perfect ;-)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Web comics

I like web comics you know those comic book thing they do on the web, so I'm gonna give you a link to one I find particullarily funny. It's called the Devil's panties and I find it really funny. So go read it and enjoy:
The devil's panties

I think yofed want to keep me for herself

I was talking with yofed on MSN and saying how I was finding it strange that a few of my woman friends where finding me attrative but no single woman. So I asked can't single woman find me attractive and she answers: NO!!! See clear indication she doesn't want me to find a date ;-p and that means she want to keep me as a lonely far away guy to talk to on MSN at all time! I see throught your game ;-) Well, that was my tease yofed post for the day. Have an nice windy day in Quebec

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pub blogs

I've been hitting the next blog button for a few hours now just to look at what other blog their are. Now I'm puzzle about 1 blog in 3 is just a blog of spam, you know link to playboy pictures or to car insurence or morgage or things like that. Do anyone really belive someone will find those blog and click on the link/post? It a was of time, brandwith and server space but hey it a free net and I won't stop anyone from doing what they want. I just wonder at the logic behind it.

Nerd prejudice

For some reason I was watching Entertainement tonight and they where going to do a review of Revenge of the Sith. They keep spiking the review with comment such as: "so many nerds so few social skill", while it is true that some nerds lack social skill. Most of the nerds don't in fact I'm pretty sure there a nerds somewhere that is the boss of those journalist.

I think it is sad that nerds are so degraded in popular culture they are human being just like you me and journalist. Oh well just a short rant on strange things.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The grand Pubba

The grand puba
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
This is the grand Pubba, the leader of the enigmatic TBS. he was caught unaware while I was spying on a secret introduction ceremony held in a bar in downtown montreal a tuesday night. This person is of an obviously superior intellect not being limited to our strict and crazy fashion sences. Also while this might not be easy to see from the picture his glasses have lights on them, can you imagine the level of technologie required to make that?

Lastly this guy came in with the pink alien and spongebob squarepant, I think it says it all!

Drinking alien

Drinking alien
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
This is a common sight at Astrophysisit meetings, alien coming from distant corner of the universe (this one from Tau Bootis) come to have a drink and share the latest understanding of particule quantum astrophysicst of hight energy object. Which mean they just like to drink our wine and flirt with our woman as no one understand that subject.


Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
MOST, the suitecase like object in the right is to scale, while the little object in the left corner is NGST (next generation space telescope) not to scale. Most astronomers found this quite funny, the little 16cm telescope being represented larger then the 4m one. The sattellite designer coun't stop laughting at the irony of the situation since NGST is facing another size reduction before it is put into opperation in 2020 or something.

Also it is important to notice that MOST is also know as the Humble space telescope and the spongebob squarepants telescope (look at the two you'll see they are close parent at worse)

The power of boobies

Ok let first put things into context. On the first day of CASCA (that the Canadian astronomical society canadienne d'astronomie's conference I had from the 14 to 17 of mai just after the one in the canaries island) I met some people from Ontario and (yofed will have a field day with that) I found one of them quite interesting (she was good looking and had a little spark in her action that just begged for me to try to know her better). So for the first two days I met up with her irregularily (her room was just accross the hall from mine) and we talked some, not much nothing really impressive. Then came the TBS initiation party just after the banquet diner (wich mean a few glass of wine to start a booze filled evening), so I guess I wanted to impress her.

With some friend we went to play pools and drink pitcher of the house beer. Now normally I'm pretty average at pool. Well maybe below average, but still not to the level of suckiness I was that day. Frankly it seemed I couldn't hit a ball straight or get a ball in one of the pocket. One three game I had an average of only one ball in (we where playing in teams). Now I was having a very sucky game and for some reason I was trying to get this girl to play with us. Well she came over to see how it was and tell me she'll be chucking tequilla shot with some other people (and asked if I wanted to go with them... but I know the evil of tequilla so..). Well my turn came and the balls where in a particullary bad position you know the one in a thousan shot.

Well I made the shot, quite expertely to the amusement of my friend who where playing with me. Now the balls where in an even worse position a one in a millions shot (you know the kind three side before hitting the ball and it has to travel half the table to reach a pocket), being the guy trying to impress a girl that I was I tried the shot... and made it perfectly. I even was placed correctly to have an easy shot on the next one! So at that moment she was called over to the tequilla shots. I take the last shot to get the easy victory... and you guess it I miss patheticly.

So for the next hours or so I get teased by my friend about how the presence of this girl actually improve my performance. Luckly I played really well the next game without her being there. Now for those who wonder about if anything happened with the girl: no nothing. She went to tequilla shot and by the time the bar closed she was so hammered that I as a gentlement (and all around nice guy) would not try anything.

Oh well everyone, drink with me to the ones to got away.CHEERS!

Oh and P.S. I just read anyflower description and what you say to that kind of woman is either: will you marry me or if she is already taken: do you have a clone or a twin sister? She's close to be the perfect woman, come on: sci-fi, computer, PROGRESSIVE METAL! and that knows that everything does at one point taste like chicken in movies, what more does a woman need?

Cheer again!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Entrance of the WHT

Entrance of the WHT
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
Wooden door to a telescope. Rumors as it that they are there so that the queen of england does not feel out of place when (if) she comes to visit. I think that it might just be rumors but still I find it interesting. And it is the only true wooden large door I have ever seen on a telescope. This pictures was taken when we left to get back to the city, about 15 minutes before my ankle learned the terible truth about it's lack of flexibility.

GTC Telescope primary mirror support

This is the EU next generation telescope a 10m telescope. You cannot imaging how big this telescope is. Each of the red support beam is about as large as a fully grown man. Theorically it should be finished by 2006 and you can expect some great science and outreach material coming from this telescope. And the "scariest" thing is that we are planning now 100 and 200m telescope. I do not belive we will really have them on the time table they give but even if in the next 30 years we get 20m telescope which would be amazing for Astronomy. Not as good as a thousand HST (hubble space telescope) but it is still a great news.

The William Herschel Telescope

This is the 4m class telescope (actually 4.2m) that is the host of the instrument I wish to use for my PhD. I asked someone to stand in front of the telescope to give an impression of size. You must know the telescope is about 6 to 10m behind the person and that actually it is four time bigger then the person if she was laying on the ground. Yes it is that big. What is amazing is that if the telescope turns EVERYTHING you see there and the big dome structures turns independantly.

La Palma's Candera

La Palma's Candera
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
This is a picture of the hole in the ground right next to where I twisted my ankle. It is a 1.5km deep candera, the hole left from a collasped volcano. It is a natural park in the island and features many kms of hicking tracks. It is also a tropical jungle environnement and is supposed to be a wonderfull place to visit. Unfortunatly I wasn't there long enough to visit.

Conference Diner

Conference Diner
Originally uploaded by Asaathi.
For those of you still not beliving I was at this conference here is a pictures of the ending lunch. We where about 50 sitting around a single table in one of Santa Cruz best restaurant. We had great local food, wine and a taste of local strong liquor. Just after that we went to the Telescopes for a small visit.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Back home

Well friends, I am finally back home to Quebec City. I love trips but right now I love my bed even more. In the coming days I'll post just for your eyes only some of the 500 Mo of pictures I have taken. (1 Go memory card is great). Amongts those exclusive pictures of a secrets society of still unknow goals and origin known only by this signs TBS. I was able to sneak into one of there secrets meeting and get away with some exclusive and potentially world shattering pictures. And of course many pictures of my trip into the Canary Island. I'll also be able to start to post regularily again which mean I will soon post my contribution to yofed's story writing contest. Now, my bed is calling and I have to get some real sleep.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Flying first class the actual experience

So even if I don't have much time I still have enough time to make a post this morning before going to visit the canadian space agencie. Of course in a few post I will tell you what it was like and post pictures of that. So now about first class flying. I must say that it is good, it was only a three hours flight from Gran Canaria to Madrid but instead of a no meal flight I had a meal, great wine (and it's all you can drink!) for the little 20 something people in first class (I think they call it busines class now but heh) you have a steward. The seat in first class have a lot more leg room, about one and an half the leg room of economic class seating. And finally THE greatest thing about it (in my not at all humble opinon) is that you have much less engine noises. maybe it just cause you are farther away from the enging but frankly I loved it. You can't understand some of the annoncement (well in that case that didn't mean much since they where all in spanish but still) in economic class and well the windows don't seem to be placed for you to look out of them. Really annoying. but I guess that goes with the windows seat with no window I had on the flight to Gran Canaria. I might not drink Guiness but I'll drink to you tonight (and I drunk to you last night ;^) conference are hard work you know. CHEERS! And remember if it moves it not a politician.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Not having much time to post

Hey confenrence schedule is hell, I don't have any time really to post anything. I'll try to find some more time soon and get you more pictures

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Flying first class

I think I have been upgraded to first class… why do I say that you might ask. Well I got a second ticket with VIP access to the airport, in short I get a bar and very confortable seats while I wait for my plane and then my seat is in row 1… Which as you can imagine is the first row of the plane. Quite a novel experience, I will tell you all about it when I get a true connection. Well at least after the flight you know just so I can experience the thing. On a side note, I just realized that there is a small aircraft base right next to the airport, it must be Spanish with some of it on lease to the UN as I don’t belive the Spanish have F18 with American flag on the wings. Right now, I can see two Pavia-tornadio, fighter-bombers used by the Spanish, German and Italian if I remember correctly. They are relatively recent plane on part with the Canadian C/F-18.

Book review: L'échelle de Darwin

Here is the first book I read in my trip to euro, it is the french translation of a book called Darwin Radio. I think it is a really good book with only enough science to make the science-fiction credible and to make you think about the “meaning” of the book. SPOILER WARNIKNG DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY THE BOOK’S SURPRISE.

The story of the book is simple, a new disease seems to be strinking all over the world but particularly in developed country. This new disesase as a very strange origin in that it seems to be composed of ADN strand from our body that are somehow becoming active and attacking people. This new disease is also very sexist in that it only attack (well really attacks) woman and they do not show any major symptom if they are not pregnant. If they become pregnant however now the true face of the disease reveals itself. First thing all woman that are infected reject the fetus after a few weeks. Then a month or two latter they become pregnant again with what is in the first stage of the disease monstrous baby, cyclopse and other stillborn babies. The books follow the destiny of three peoples, one genetic researcher who had first theoried the possibility of ADN becoming virus, second a virus under that search the world to warn the CDC of inpending virus threats and finally an an anthropologiste that got fired from it last job for trying to stop the bone of a Indian to be returned to the Indian. Through the eyes of those people we learn that the virus might not be something that is trying to destroy humanity but a new hope for humanity. Early in the novel the genetic researcher thinks that those virus hidden in the building blocks of humanity might be a previously evolutionary mecanism that is trigger by stress and provoques large scale modification of the specie. While the virus hunter is willing to belive her he as great doubt since no baby is born living and even worse then that the “virus” seems to be mutating. The final clue to the mystery come from the anthropologist who makes a perculiar discovery in the Alp. A Neanderthal couple (dead and mommified) who appear to be the parent of a homo sapien child. The gouvernment is trying to stop the virus and to prevent pregnant woman from giving birth to the monsters and to probably unleash plague appon humanity the likes of which where not seen in a million year. Through a rather hard to belive love story the anthropologist and genetic researcher will conceive and give birth to the first of the NeoHuman. (or Homo Sapien Nova). The books follow the changes of society has secular and religious autority try to understand what is happening and to control the destiny of humanity. I think this is a very interesting idea in our day where genetic engenieering of the human species is just around the corner. While this book does not deal with eugenic or deliberate modification of the genome it nonetheless explores the answer of the gouvernement to large scale crisis and the “evolution” of humanity. The result while always logical and following the usual preserve the status-quo mentality of bureaucrate is scaringly realisitic. To prevent changes the governement goes to great length, martial law, sex segregation, the killing of babies then the theft and isolation of babies. Under all that the book show an underlying hope that no matter the strength and resources of bureaucrats things will always happen like the famous words of Lea in Star Wars: “The more you tighten you grip the more stars system will slip througth you finger”. This is a very interesting idea and one that I think we are seeing quite well in Quebec, the more laws, rules and restriction we impose on the population the more some segments of it seems to get clever at finding loop hole or living outside the law.

Well that my impression of that book and now someone else started to smoke nearby, it’s annoying cause I’m just about alone.

A day in an airport

Today after clearing up a little matter of the web site of Binter Carnaria and my ticket back to Gran Canaria and finding that I was not going back at 14h but at 8h50 in the morning. Now I remember that when I planned that I wanted to visit this island for the day and enjoy it. This was of course before I twisted my ankle and got some relatively big sunburn (I think it was not a good trip for my feet). Those two “injuries” make my idea of walking the island very unlikely well not exactly unlikely more like uncommonly painful. So when I got down from the plane in Gran Canaria I was not looking forward to a day of walking around. Then I remembered that it actually either take 2hours to get from the airport to any kind of meaningful city or cost 50 (75$) Euro by taxi. So I ended up deciding to stay in the airport, it better for my feet and it also gave me the opportunity to read a little of my book. The only thing that would have made this a “good” place to spend the day would have been internet access. But while it wasn’t present I could still begin to write a post on my word-processor software (it also remove my too common spelling mistake). So I read most of the day, now I have finish my last book and I still have 4 hours to go before my return to Madrid. So I guess I will compose a post ;-)

Now you see something really annoy me with the Spanish people, they never respect non-smoking sign (and I guess European tourist too). Even with the signs are one foot wide and when messages are heard over the intercom every 20 minutes telling people not to smoke except in designated area. Those that know me know that I hate the smell of cigarette and that I am very intolerent toward people who smoke in non-smoking area but damn it I can’t do anything since I do not speak Spanish. And to had to the insult (in my mind at least) the airport security and employ don’t mind the smoking hell they even smoke themselves.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Returning to flying

Allo again, well tomorrow moring very early (about 6) I'm starting my return trip to canada. it won't be yet a return trip home so that means no pictures updates or at least fews of them for the next few day. When I am back in Canada I should at least have some good wireless connection and the ability to update a few times a day. I hope at least. My ankle is getting better, the swolling is falling but I'll follow anyflower's suggestion if it doesn't disapear by the time I am in Quebec.I promise lots of pictures when I am back and lots of stories about la Palma and drinking with astrophysisist. I promise they will at least be entertaining.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Twisted ankle

Well that is well. I twisted my ankle today while visiting the telescopes of La Palma. I have lots of pictures (about 100) and some movies but since I don't have much batrie time left on my laptop you won't see them yet. Also since I have a twisted ankle I probably won't be able to go out and buy the things I was supposed to bring back to the people I was supposed to. I'll try but I can't promise anything Sorry V. Aside from that tomorrow might be a good day since I can't walk I'll have to lounge by the pool. poor me. Also, there is a final probleme it seems the airplane compagnie I booked my flight with decided that I had a strange flight schedule. From Las Palma to La Palma and THEN from Las Palma to La Palma.. wich put me in the situation of calling them and solving the probleme tomorrow. joy.

KLM plane to Amsterdam

KLM plane to Amsterdam
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This should have been posted a long time ago. It's actually the first picture I took on that trip. It is a picture of the plan I took from Montreal to Amsterdam while it was waiting for us punny human to embarq. It's and MD-11 an old plane not really confortable for someone my size but at least the food was kinda good and I had a windows seat (not that there is much to look at over the Atlantic ocean). It was in that plane that I realised how air canada was cheap. On an air canada flight you have to pay for any drink other then soft drink, juice and water. On that KLM flight i could have had wine (not that good wine but still) 2 or 3 times without paying an extra buck! Also everything was said in 3 languages. Duthc, English and french wich was an interesting experience. Well that all for the pictures before I'm back to Montreal so enjoy them and remember I still have a few 10s to show you.


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You know after statues they are fountains. So here is one in Madrid... not very original of a good picture but at the time water seemed like a good idea. So while I could not drink it I could at least dream about it and take a picture of it.

Street and interesting architectures

I took a lot of pictures of building in Madrid. I found the architecture to be quite interesting and full of contrast. So here is one of those picture to show you what kinda of blue sky you missed ;-)

Last day of usefull internet

Well the conference will be over in a few hours so I'll lose my only free and wireless access to the net. wich mean no more pictures and no as many updates. However on the 14th I'll be back in Montreal where I should be able to post quite often. So enjoy the new pictures that will be posted around 6am your time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


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Well, you know how it is boy see statue boy take picture of status.. not much of a story but there were so many statue I had to get pictures of some of them you know.

Dirty laundry

Dirty laundry
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I found the supperposition of the voyeusim of tourism with the drying laundry in Madrid an intesresting subject for a picture... so here it is ;-)

Madrid picture

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This is a pictures of the first building I saw in Madrid. It right next to the metro exist I took and quite near the middle of Old Madrid. After leaving the general area of this building I wandered for some ours in the city taking pictures and generally enjoying the sights of Madrid. It's quite a nice city except for the fact that everyone smokes everywhere... I hate smoking didn't I mention it before?

Good morning.

Well where on a short break right now so I will take this opportunity to give you a few posts (probably a new pictures too ;-). Last day went quite well I did my talk and it was not as bad as I expected it would be. Thanks to all the other before me I could do a little longer time and I had time for some question. The question where not what I expected but still they where fun to answer. I must be weird liking to answer question you know. Anyway once again the weather today is great and aside from the strange working of the air conditioning system (who seems to stop working sometimes in the night) everything is great. See ya soon.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Hotel room view

Hotel room view
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Hey it not much but here is a pictures of my hotel room two nights ago to show you that I am not lying when I say I'm travelling ;-) It was cloudy, but it became clears later.. that was great. Now I just came back from my dinner where I ate some mixted meat brochetta. Go ahead envy me.. it 27 outside and sunny.

Finally net access/no time

Murphy's strike again. I finally managed to get the damn network configured properly (we have wireless access that does not like macs apparently) but now I only have like 4 minutes to say hi. So Hi everyone, and Yofed, you can bet I'm looking at the amazingly gorgeous chicks out there.. now to just get one that speak both french/english and spanish for those language course.. (more communly know as tongue classes ;-))

See ya soon I should post something more substantial around 1pm or so.(local time of course)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Finally at destination/still no internet

well I`m sure you are happy to know that I`m finally at my final destination. However as the subject says I still don`t have a reliable and more importantly not too costly access to the internet which mean no pictures. Damn. and I have over an hundred to show you... including pictures from my room view and things like that. I don`t know what the weather is in Canada but here I`m around 30 and very sunny. Now I only have a few minutes left on this computer before my 2.50euro run out so sorry for not posting a substantial update this time either.. I`m getting tired of those place that lack proper internet access for the guest. ;-)

Too much plan time.

Up to now I´ve spend more then 12 hours in a plane. that too much trust me.. particulary since the last plane was filled with french who screams talked loudly and generally had annoying children. I simply had no patience for them. On a side note I´m ending up posting much more then I had first planed to. Sorry however no usb port so no pictures. I have a great one of the view from my hotel room. You´d all have been jealous. Yodef, I miss you to you know. In fact I miss all my friends and peoples to talk to. Hopefully later today when the conference begin I´ll have at least some people to talk to in english. I really feel alone when I know I can´t talk to anyone. On well no sence not enjoying my trip because I feel alone.

Not knowing Spanish

A little comment before I leave for my check out and flight plan. I hate not knowing spanish in spain. I feel like I can´t connect to anyone since there some kind of language barrier between us. Sure I´ve found quite a few people that understand english (and some french) but still it a foreign language for them and I speak with a canadian accent they are not used to. conversation are short and to the point, wich for someone that needs to talk like me is annoying. Well I guess I´m just learning to listen.

Canaries Island

Hey, I got to the canaries. Now I;m not on my laptop again and I;m kinda short for time (and I can;t seem to find one key on the keyboard as you can see). I can say it;s a very beautifull place I have some pictures for you again but they won;t be posted until I can use my laptop. Enjoy knowing I;m safe and sound

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Now in Madrid

Hey, I just spent the last 4 hours in Madrid. My feet ache, my shoulder aches and my knees ache and now my finger ache from taping at this stupid keyboard. I have yet to find a descent web conection so that explain the lack of pictures Now before this freaky thing log me out: see ya latter

I'm in the netherland!

Hi everyone, juste a quick post since I have to pay about 10$ for this half our of online time and it seems I have been very popular in my emails. just to let you know that I'm alive even if my flight was kinda hard on the body. almost no sleep and in the next 20 hours I don,t think I will have any more.. joy. However I can tell you that I love the Amsterdam airport.. there is wireless lan.. unlike in Montreal! ;-)

See ya soon with some pictures. I hope

Friday, May 06, 2005

2 hours...

I leave in two hours.. I have pre travel jitters. I'm looking over at my stuff to see if I have forgotten anything. I searching for my things that I did forget and mostly running around. But right now I'm taking a few minutes to say bye again. I think I love saying bye it must be what the 3rd or 4th time I said bye.

Bye gang. see ya around latter. And check here often comments my post do something and most of all have fun doing it. Asaathi leaving!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ready to go!

Hey boys and girl I'm ready to go to the canaries Island everything is done and I only have to walk up take a shower and get on the bus tomorrow morning... For those that might be interested here is my detailed itiniary.

Mai 6th 2005
09h30 I take the bus from Québec to Montréal International Airport
13h30 Arriving in Montréal Airport
18h00 I leave on KLM's flight 672 for Amsterdam

Mai 7th 2005
06h45 I arrive in Amsterdam
09h20 I leave Amsterdam for Madrid on KLM's flight 1701(the Enterprise flight!)
11h55 I arrive in Madrid
22h10 I leave Madrid for Las Palmas Gran Canaria
23h55 Arrival at Las Palmas
I'll be staying at the Steigenberger Dunas La Canaria Hotel for the night

Mai 8th 2005
14h00 I leave Las Palmas for La Palma
I'll be staying at the H10 Taburiente Playa Hotel from Mai 8th to Mai 13th

Mai 13th 2005
10h00 I leave La Palma for La Palma
20h55 I leave Las Pamas for Madrid
I'll be staying at the Sercotel Auditorium Madrid Hotel for the night

Mai 14th 2005
10h40 I leave Madrid for Amsterdam on KLM flight 1700
13h15 Arriving in Amsterdam
14h30 I leave Amsterdam for Montréal on KLM flight 671
15h50 I arrive in Montréal for my other conference

Quite a trip no? Anyway I'll try to keep you posted with pictures and comments from my travel abroad. I hope I'll have easy asses to the net. If not well expect a lot of long and meaningfull (or less) post on my return. See ya soon and I love you all!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


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So here a little test of my photograpic skill and to see if I can upload photo the thing up on my blog so that I can post up some of my travel picture when I'm away... enjoy my cat.

English presentation

I mumble.. a lot when I'm understress. So you can imagine that in a foreign language wich I'm not used to speaking (writing is allright but speaking is another matter entirely) I'm like talking like an spanish cow speaking french. It not pretty... now today I had to present my talk for the canaries at my supervisor and to an other student (native english speaker) well it went relatively well. I mumbled a lot but at least I could pronounce enought words for them to comment on my presentation. I still have a lot of work to do on it but at least now I know that I won't freeze up in front of the conference people.

So now... well I'll go back to praticing. with the tips they have given me I should give a pretty decent talk. or at least one that won't put me on some kind of don't let him come to any conference black list.


I find myself being generous at odd moment. Last night after my diner with my friend, while I was waiting for her to come back from some errant I was asked 25cent by a girl for bus fare. Strangly normally I wouldn't have given her money. Not that I am cheap but well normally I don't have money on me and i don't like to give to people that beg, if they don't do something in addition to begging (like playing music or something). but last night I gave her the 25 cents, my friend came back second latter and we headed to her home so that I could see the cat that I would take care of in two weeks. Nothing strange but coming from there I meet a guy.. Roger or something like that he said. He asked me how to get to Charlesbourg by bus. Considering we where close to the direct line to charlerbourg that wasn't too hard to explain. he then asked for money for a bus fare... and gave it to him strange. I had never done that before. It felt nice, but I don't think I'll start to give money to everyone that ask for it.. just that sometimes I might show myself more generous than my usual cheap self ;-)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the Euro

I finally got some Euro as emergency money for my trip to the Canaries Island and frankly I don't like the bills... the higher value bills are larger so you can't hide them behind lower value one like you do for canadian dollar. someone can guess how much money you have simply by looking at how many bills are bigger then the rest. A weird way to make money secure if you ask me.

I know why they do this tho, blind and disabled will have an easier time using the money. It weird... for a canadian used to one sized bill.

Small little post

Two things, first I found my watch.. it was hidden by gnome inside my clean cloth pile (not that I have piles of cloth laying around but I just finished my washing so there where still pile to be put into the closet and my watch was in one of them).

Second, last night I had my weekly Alternity game and frankly it failled short of been good.. and since it the last one for a while that bad.. and it even worse since I'm the DM.. i.e the one responsable to make the story happen. and I think I was too tired to do a good game. Oh well things like that happen I can't always do the best game ever can I? (and if the answer is yes please notify reality that it is in error right now)

Monday, May 02, 2005

I can't find my watch!

Now this is annoying, first because I love my watch, second because it's a gift from a friend who read this blog and third because I need my watch to keep tab on that elusive thing called time. You know to be sure I don't work too much, that I'm not late to appointement and all. I pretty sure I did not lose it completly, I know I had it last night before going to sleep.. the only problem is that I'm a guy and I can remember for the life of me where I left the damn thing. Oh well a day or two without watch shouldn't kill me right? ....right?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Weird craving

I was watching the sympson today and I got a craving for aspargus... how weird is that. as a guy I'm use to you know craving a beer, some sugar heavy thing or even chips but never an healty thing like aspargus... and beside who the hell crave asapargus. I must be sick.. or something ;-)

anyway I hadn't posted anything today so I thought I should share. Beside it not like anything more interesting happened in my last life today. I'm almost thinking the old Gypsie cure: " May you live in interesting time" would be welcomed right now. anyhow that was my life hope your was more fun.