Thursday, April 14, 2005

Why the heck do we still use paper?

Grr, today I forgot some sheet of paper at my home (at least I think that where it is cause if it isn't it must have vanished in the same dimension that lost sock do) and now I lack the one remaning question I have to prepare for an oral test. That annoy me to no end as the only other people that could provide me with an other copy of the sheet are in a class right now. So that brought me to the question, why do we still use paper? What are the advantages of paper over electronic format?
Lets see for paper you need to destroy trees, end up putting ink that is often toxic or at the very less not environnementally friendly on then, most of it end up thrown away or worse filled into files that will not be opened before the appocalypse. You need to be physically present at the location of the paper to use it and it can easilly get damaged.
So why do we bother with such an inefficient way of keeping information? sure computer can be hack and hard drive crash but that what backup are for. Sure increasing our electronic datakeeping increase our reliance on electricity and that not really a good thing but are those thing really worth the annoyance, cost and population that paper bring?

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