Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why answering everything is bad...

First off let me make a subtle point: answering everything isn't bad, answering everything with a single answer is. Physicis for exemple have been searching for decades for the grand theory of everything that would (in theory) put everything in the univers in a single grand theory that would include everything but would allow all phenomena to be it own individual important thing. Such a theory would force more reasearch to see if there are phenomenon or things not fitting with the theory or that the theory suggest and that we did not know before. Now Intelligent design does answer everything... with a single answer: because the creative intelligence wanted it that way. Here is what scientific research would be like under those condition:

- Why are galaxies' light redder then what we expect?
Creative intelligence
- Why do whale have hip bones like bone?
Creative intelligence
- How do stars change with age?
The way the creative intelligence will.

That very easy to teach, and quite simple to understand however NOTHING NEW comes out of this. You can't discover anything, can built anything new. Having a single answer to everything is aiming to have fast food like learning, anyone can learn everything he doesn't even have to think! And when you do not think, someone else thinks for you you can be sure of it.

That is the most dangerous aspect of this theory, it does not promote learning, questionning, thinking for yourself. No it promotes blind obediance, acceptance of a dogma and the removal of critical thinking. The first step toward a dictatorship and the worse kind of dictatorship there could be one the people wanted to bring to themself for lack of education.

Finally, I'm not saying faith in "God" is bad I am saying blind faith in anything is bad. History has shown the work of blind faith and education, blind faith brought us: The crusade, the inquisition, 9-11, suicide bomber and the burning of books. Education send us to the moon, cured disease, build airplane, lasers, increase living condition worldwide and as generally made the world a better place. Sure it as also brought the nuclear bomb and all sort of new problem too but remember that throughtout history, nuclear bombs have killed millions but ignorance as killed billions. The only thing that visibly depart from an exponantial growth on the human population curve is the Plague, and ignorance of it nature and cure are the only reason it killed so many.

If ever you are standing between two view, one that bring questions and one that offer unquestionable answer, always choose questions. Nothing new comes from answers.

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