Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Various things

I couldn't think of a title so, well you can see for yourself. Today I have a few thoughts, first I think student don't know what they want. Or more precicely they don't understand what they ask for. You see even if for all intent and purpose the student won the match with the strike (they received 72 of the 103 M$ next year and the year after that the full 103 M$ will be back in grant and out of student loan). Now just about half the student association want to keep striking to get more from the governement.. here are some of the things they ask: Universal free tuition for everyone in Quebec, freezing the tuition fee for another 6 to 10 years, the demission of the governement, and the keeping of the Quebec CEGEP institution. The first two are in my humble opinion stupid, both mean less money for the university which mean less money to pay teachers and less money to provide services to the students. In someway the student fighting for those point are in programs where lack of money for teacher only means a few less teacher but in science and other high end programes where international pressure and offer are great being able to give less money to a teacher actually means that you not only get less teacher but you also get worse teacher (even the most patriotic teacher will think on an offer that triple is salary). In short by asking that the student are short changing themself and insuring that futur generation will have a worse eduation than they did.

the the dissolution of the governement, let me think.. they want to remove the gouvernement because it doesn't make the social change they want... Which mean they want to bring the "other" party in power (Quebec political structure as two and an half party, two major and one barly getting 20% of the votes), this other major party major achievement are : the loi 101, the building of Toronto (by scaring the buisiness out of Montreal and Quebec with threats of seceding from Canada), 1.3Billions in deficit unannounced (that will be blamed on the Liberal party even if it was build before their accesion to power), and of course TWO FAILED SECESSION ATTEMPT! come on after being told no twice you'd think the'll get the message.. but no it still part of their campaign plant! oh well.

I had other thought but this post is getting long so see ya in a few with a few other posts!

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