Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Understanding life

It is strange that no one really understand life, we've been living as a species for thousan of years (if not millions) and yet we still don't understand what and why life is. Of course we have the old answer: life is life but frankly isn't that an easy answer that don't provide any answer at all. I fancy myself a scientist (mad maybe but a scientist none the less) and I want better answer that life is life, life is a test by god to see your worth or any such religious or philosophical non-sense. It's a deep question I know but aren't deep question worth trying to answer too?

hmm I'm getting all philosophical here and I really should stop since I have an examen to prepare. (and I'm sure that not part of the why or what of life!) and until I or someone else can find an answer I'll just stick to living. And enjoying myself, I'd like to think that I work to enjoy what I work on than to think I work so that I can enjoy the rest of my life. I don't think I could do something I find boring without going postal. the moral of this chaotic suxtaposition of words? Have fun, enjoy yourself, don't take things too seriously cause as an astronomer I'm telling you the univers as a big sense of humor.

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