Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The true face of democracy

I already mentioned that by the will of 400 peoples 9000 graduate student are on strike. I already mentioned why they (we) strike so I won't repeat here. But this "incident" as brought some thoughts to my mind on the nature of democracy. I always thought that democracy was completly determined by those who voted and that voting was the most important duty of any citizen in a democracy. Now I see us, 9000 graduate students on strike, a large number of which don't care about the strike and frankly for all intent and purpose aren't on strike (they go to their classes, do their laboratory work and generally doing exactly what they would do if they where not on strike.) That made me realise what democracy really is: the power of the people to do what the majority want no matter how or where a minority wants to do. Don't get me wrong I also think that democracy have to provide protection for the minority from the majority in case some crazy ideal (like nazism) catch in the majority and that minority have the same rights has majority. but all too often we see a minority of people walk out to the street and ask, fight, break things to get a point accross and we feel (most of the time when you are against the demand) that they have more power then the majority do.

The status quo I am seeing for the strike make me see the true power of the majority: no matter what this majority decide we will be the true power, they might walk in the street and scream slogan but we the 75% that did not vote for the strike (as opposed to 42% who voted against the strike) are not influence by their decision we will not move for their fight and even tho their idea are heard more then ours. We show what we think and what we want. Now if we could all just vote on the next election the old minority might get a surprise walk up call. So, please vote.

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anyflower said...

Have you noticed that most strike votes were held at day, when lots of students (like me) were working and therefore unable to vote?

I'm a part time student this year (gotta put bread on the table, they say) so when I was night or day working, there was no way I could've gone to the university to contest the strike. I really think that many students did not deserve Charest's government cuts. But there again, I've been annoyed by the strikers attitudes towards students that were willing to maintain research activities. During a course, the 5 students group which I was part of was disturbed by some uncivilised freaks who considered we should'nt meet at the university (we has even closed the lights of the classroom just to make sure we would stay hidden). They entered the room and made so much noise, we could'nt even share research enquieries or anything else. We were even escorted out of the lab by those &%?* . The first thing I knew after the strike is that 3 people (unable to vote because day working) abandoned the course (which was a key course in the program) because they could'nt keep up with the course requirements. So minority wins while hard working students are still paying. So frustrating.