Monday, April 18, 2005

A talk!!!!

All right for those of you that just started reading this (assuming there are any) let me recapitulate some fact... I'll be going to the Canaries Island in a few week for an international astrophysical conference. I was supposed to present a poster on my master Thesis research but this week end I received a mail from the director of the conference.... it asked: would you give a talk instead, I think your subject deserve a talk. Now, to most of you that means nothing, but a talk is a pretty big deal, a talk his much more then a poster. First a poster is just about 4 pages of text, a talk can be 30 minutes of talking and trust me you can say more in 30 minues than on 4 pages of text. Second, people will come to a talk... but they tend to skip on poster presentation.. they are more boring. And it an international conference!!! there will be people from all around the world... yes even from Canada ;-)

One a bring my feet back to earth note tho, I'm pretty sure that I was asked for a talk because I am the only person that proposed to present a poster... still a talk is a talk. LET ME STAY ON THIS CLOUD!!! NO I WILL NEVER SURRENDER TO GRAVITY! oups.. sorry I just took my medication all better now, don't mind my feet not touching the ground.

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