Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Stupid bureaucrates!

Once more the financial services of Université Laval failled to pay my full salary. This wouldn't be so bad if it was just a mistake that happened once but in the course of the last 4 paycheck they forgot or where late on 3!!!! The first and 3 paycheck I can understand the reason behind the lateness and absence respectively, I find the reason stupid but I can understand them. The reason for this third lateness... THEY HAVE NONE!!! damn it people have one late paid due AND the one they should have received today and they have no reason why they didn't! And no they do not propose to pay interest or a supplement to appologies for the trouble it has and will still cause me. why it will cause me trouble in the futur? well first I am getting my money 2 day late, 2nd instead of a direct deposit in my bank account I receive a check wich will be frozen for at least 4 days before I can use the money (ok the second one is not their fault but stupid banking politics (well not so stupid it actually help protect me from fraud but you know)). The point being this oversight is causing me trouble and it is entirely the finacial services fault. Now I can live without this pay for a few days (maybe the two weeks it would take to receive the other) but I don't have to and I know I will never get compensation for it. I also know that if for some reason I am one cent short on a payement to them I will have to pay interest, event if I am just one day late and that piss me off that they can be late and not have to pay a fracking cents of interest because they are the university. Just thought I should rant on this. don't worry I won't kill anyone over it.

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