Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Strang things on dating sites.

I'm currently lazily looking for a girlfriend on online dating sites. Why there? well I broke my dateless wonder cycle with the help of one and two of my last come from there and I enjoyed a 50% satisfaction rate on them so I think it still better then the usual meat market. but there are something that I just find strange on those things and somewhat funny.

First you're not supposed to put e-mail, web page, ICQ, or contact information without givin them money. But juste about everyone and their dog found ways (yes many way) to bypast the computer reading software that look for those information. (something it is as simple as writing you addresse as nameatbogperiodcom). Meaning that most people don't pay. I choose to pay on one just to see what the "members" features where and some are interesting but not enough for the asking price (I had a discount)
Second they ask for your sexual preference: Hetero, Bi, Homo, Secret or Not specified... ok either secret is code for furries, pedofiles and other deviance or it incredibly redundant.
Third, they ask what your goal on the site is... I kinda think everyone is there to meet people no? ok what you want to do when you meet them may change but damn it not that complexe no?
Fourth, weight, you have those choice: No answer, thin, athletic, proportional to my height, a little overweight and overweight. Proportioinal to my height actually means nothing, everyone as a weight proprotional to their height (proportional means that your height times something is your weight and something can always be found! unless you have complex mass in non-euclidian space.) and for some reason people have no idea what a little overweight means.. you have picture and unless those people posted other people pictures they weight less then my clothes when it rain.
Finaly, they ask you to rate your appearance... they offer the following choices, normal, good, beautiful. So their no ugly people there? Damn there are pictures!!! you see that they're butt ugly people!

but hey I'm not complaining just laughting.


V said...

ahlala... je te conseille tellement la méthode "en chair et en os". Tu fais ce que tu veux, l'important c'est que tu sois heureux.

Cunning Linguist said...

Hee. At least you can keep up your sense of humor.