Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Silly things in game reality

All right, I had not posted anything sickingly geeking in a while so I have something for you today. Silly things in game reality, you know those rules that if you apply them like they are written will produce weird, illogicial or just plain silly situation? You don't?! oh well give me an excuse to give some exemples (oh nice of me you think.)

First Babylon 5 War (a relatively old space ship combat game based on the Babylon 5 universe), in this game there is two rules for exactly the same situation in physical reality. First you have what they call matter weapon, weapon that are basicly a chunk of metal that you throw at an ennemy. This kind of weapon ignore anykind of armor your ship might have and deal damage in a large chunk. Then we have the ramming rules where a large of chunk of metal (you're ship) collide with another ship (or in weirder term it is thrown at another ship), well this "weapon" does not ignore the armor you have on your ship and deal many small chuck of damage point... so in short if Bob lobs a big rock at your ship, there a good chance that you're ship will suffer more damage then the rock wich hit it... weird.

Then in D&D there is the unburnable wood. You see the way the rules of D&D are made when you attack and object with an energy (fire is an energy in D&D) you divide the damage in half and then apply a modification for the resitance of the material (called hardness). So let assume the following situation: you have a lit torch (dealing 1 to 3 fire damage) and want to lit a fire with it. To lit your fire you have a large pile of wood (hardness 3 to 5). So you put your torch in the pile of wood, deal 1 to 3 damage, wich is halved to 1 and then you reduce for hardness.. giving you 0 total damage (you can't have negative damage). Now for wood to catch fire it must suffer damage and then fail a saving throw making this a very unlikely proposition in this situation. the moral of this story, wood doesn't burn you silly human.

I'm sure there are millions of other exemple and I welcome you to post yours in my comment section. Have fun.

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