Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Quebec sovereingty

Last night one of the accused in the sponsorship scandal in Canada said that the pm's handling of the scandal had insured the future disolving of Canada and the creation of a sovereing Quebec state. I'm very torn on this issue as I belive that building a new country is one of the hardess but most rewarding thing that can be done, however I don't belive the current political parties and power group in Quebec can be trusted to make a country or even run one. They have yet to make a true restructuration of provincial spending and revenues. They have only balanced the last few budgets by comptability trick (which are of doubtfull legality according to the verificator general) or the selling of assets. Quebec leader (and most of Quebec population it seems) likes to think in the very short term, about 4 years average and you can't start a country thinking of only the next 4 years. Their is also the fact that Quebec is not a balanced democratie (well I don't think Canada is either but that another question) we only have left wing parties (our right most party is left-center) sure it seems to represent the populations of Quebec but does it give us the opportunity to be exposed to other ideas? I'm not a right winger but I really think that you cannot find the best path if you only use one side of the argument. The rights as good points and some good idea, just like the left. The secret of making an efficient and good government in my opinion is to find what best on both side and try to work with that. To be in the center of the spectrum and find a path that will bring both economical powers and social well being. On a side note I find that both these ideas are intrinsicly link, you can't have social well being you cannot afford (well for long anyway) by being economically strong but you can't be economically strong if your social order is falling appart. The trick is to aim for compromise and win-win situation. Cutting tax to a big compagnie by giving it income tax credit for donation to socially concious and environnementally friendly initiative probably help the country more then just giving more money into social programs. This is something that for some reason Quebecer don't want to understand.

So you'll excuse me if sovereingty was declared (with the current political powers and it didn't result in a war with Canada wich I doubt can happen) I belive I would run like hell somewhere else to the United State or the rest of Canada probably. If the situation changed dramatically and Quebec became one of the world greatest both in economic and social field, I'd probably change my mind, but I doubt it will happen soon... unless the carefully built paper house we live in collapse and Quebec is forced to face reality and try to stand back up.

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yofed said...

If it ever happens, you are always welcome here, in Nova Scotia.... we have no jobs, but I am treated well even if I'm French. Same in New Brunswuick....

And what's the deal with people from Quebec anyway.... there are French people all over the country, in a worse situation than Quebec (try to keep your French when you are a very tiny minority!), and so people from Quebec give a shit about us? Not really.... and we somewhat manage anyway on our own... I hate French people today!