Friday, April 01, 2005

The pope is dying

It strange, at first when I was reading about the pope sickness I didn't really feel conserned, I'm not a big catholic (or any other religion for that matter) and the though of one religious leader dying isn't a big deal to me. Now as they where airing a special on his condition instead of the news on Radio Canada, I started to think. Frankly I still don't care about the fact that a religious leader is dying. However I care that a human being that as dedicated his life to something is dying. This person who I only know indirectly (I learned not too long ago that I know two people who have meet and talked to the pope.. a level 2 link) well honestly only from what I have heard in the news his dying. Strange to think that this man has been pope for as long as i have been alive. If his doctors are right only a miracle could save him, and that all hope for him is lost. I can only hope that his last few hours will be painfree and that his belief will bring him the afterlife he hopes.

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yofed said...

He did lots of great things... That's why some call him John Paul the Great