Thursday, April 14, 2005

Playlist as a window to the soul...

I just saw an article on CNN saying that President Bush's IPOD playlist had been posted on the internet (or at least made public to some press agency) and some are making comment about it based on the "fact" that your playlist should be a windows to your soul. So I'm wondering what my playlist says about me care to help me? here are the song I listen to in the last hours and an half or so on my computer with the random fonction(the 2.7Gig playlist would be kinda long to list)

Trust, Vandread (an anime) theme song
Cats and the cradle (Ugly kid Joe)
Losing my Religion (Tory Amos)
Gloria from the Escaflown (an other anime) soundtrack
Always (Bon Jovi)
Nightfall (Blind Guardian)
Boulevard of Broken dream (Green day)
Bad habit (Offspring)
the Highwayman (Laurena McKennit)
The script for my requiem (Blind Guardian)
Out of the Ashes (Symphony X)

So what does that mean? a freak or weirdo or the world greastest human being? (the last one probably but I'll let you be the judge)


anyflower said...

To answer your question, ask yourself if Yofed is a complete freak or the greatest on the planet (because, I would'nt say in the hole universe since we don't know what's in far away yet). Knowing Yofed, I would only say "deeply hard to understand for non weirdos" . Does that answer your question?

yofed said...

I'm a total freak and proud of it! :)

yofed said...

I can't analyze your playlist, but if you answer my last message, I might be able to try... lol