Sunday, April 03, 2005

My cat

I have a cat, it must be the weirdes cat in the world as he is called Loup (wolf for those without knowledge of french weirdness). Now you'll say but Loup is a dog name not a cat name you stupid french canadian. Well yes, but this cat you see has a pattern of hair exactly like the husky breed of dog... those dog are known as chien-loup for the french people. Heince the name. It is also a very talkative talk (yes yes I know cat don't talk..) he can hold conversation quite well (something kinda like:
Hi kitty how are you doing? MEOW (feed me)
Really? MEOWMEOW(hurry up lazy slave!)
Ok, ok, I'll feed you ROUMEOW(that about time you twit)
So is it good? ROUROUMEOW (pour it in the bowl you don't expect me to eat it out of the bag do you)
and so on)
He also display is pleasure/displeasure/annoyance by various variation of his limited vocabulary of rou and meow. And finally that cat can convince you to leave him alone quite well, he as claws! And he knows how to us them! (very well in fact I have the claw mark to prove it).

finally, yes I know it weird talking about a cat in a blog. I'm just feeling slightly lonely tonight so am talking to my cat.


yofed said...

My cat is better than yours. He obeys me in all things and know how to use the water cooler....

Cunning Linguist said...

At least your cat doesn't hump your clothing... and yes, he's fixed and he still humps.

Cunning Linguist said...

Oh, also, the cat in this picture is not the one that humps. The one in the picture is my sweet baby, not the evil humper.