Saturday, April 30, 2005

Movie Review: Le Guide Galactique

Well last night I seen a movie, and since I always wanted to do review of movie I seen but always lacked the medium to publish it for all the world to understand my glory I never did. Now, however thanks to my blog i can post my first. Well My first review is a review of Le Guide Galactique, french version of The Hitchhicker's guide to the galaxy.

I'll give it 1 dragon out of a possible 5 dragons (geek rating system, amazing isn't it). If you haven't read the book you might rate it at 2 dragons.

Why do I give it such a rating is quite simple, while the movie is funny and could be used as a good distraction from the world. It isn't great and miss many jokes from the book. They changed the story slightly, americanised it and left out some of the best joke. (for exemple: the last message of god to it's creation and mankind proving that god doesn't exist throught the bable fish). Genarally it failed to bring the sense of wonder and wakiness the book brought. Also it resorte to too much slapstic comedy for my taste.

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