Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Today we (the astrophysics students) meet with an evaluation comitee to see if the physics departement of our university still deserved to exist. While I'm pretty sure the answer was a resonnating yes. They asked a question that kinda troubled me: Why do we stay at Université Laval for the length of our study, both undergraduate and graduate? After thinking back about why I choose Université Laval for my study I realise I had not really thought much about why I choose it. My grade were pretty average (even bellow average) and I knew that this university would accept me, then there was the whole moving away factor and the fact I just got a girlfriend in Québec. But the question still got me thinking.. should I have tried to move away and study abroad? (or only somewhere else in Canada?) Would it have been better for me, or at least different in a good way?

I'm not really having any regrets on my decision to stay in Québec (hey I had three wonderfull years with my then girlfriend) and I've made some pretty good research out here... but I can't help but wonder what would have happened to me if I had tried somewhere else in the world?

I cannot change the past so better not regret what you cannot change.

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