Sunday, April 10, 2005

Missing some part of a friend life

Hey! back from where ever I was during the week end and I found that an old friend (point to the new link in the link section of the side bar) had sent me an ICQ message (well a trillian message but via my way old ICQ number, you get the picture and if you don't well I need your address to be able to send it to you). And according to the Univers own sence of humors I had thought of that person during the week end (mainly to point her to my blog so that she could enjoy it or talk to her again it's been a while). So I just finised talking to her (and I start looking at her blog) to find the word husband... linked with the word mine(well her's not mine but she write mine cause it's her's... you understand don't you?).

Like I said I had not talked to her in a long while but this came as a surprise. Now the only thing that would really surprise me is if I saw the worlds mine(her's again let not get into that I'd just get confused), 13 and children... So all this to say it feel weird to get news of a friend bigs life change and to point you to the Random Musing of a Cunning Linguist, a blog with a much better english then mine and a old (well she's younger then me but I have known her for a while now) friend of mine. And since she's supposed to read (or at least look at) my blog I'll just say HI! and wish her an happy reading of the deepest recess of my astrophysicist mind.

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Cunning Linguist said...

I always knew your mind was goofy. Now I have living proof! Hee.