Monday, April 11, 2005

Life is great!

I've finally received my planes tickets for my upcoming trip.. What upcoming trip you ask? (yes I can read your mind even through the internet.) Well in 3 weeks I'll be in the Canaries Island for a astrophysics conference. It's a 3 days conference but because of weird plane schedule and cheapest air fare I'll have to be there for 5 days! Poor me... on a tropical island with few things to do for 2 full days. Oh well I'm sure no one would trade place with me so I'll have to endure this great peril myself ;-)

That one of the thing I like with astronomy, telescope are in great locations (except he Megantic telescope but with our Megantic space telescope project we will change that.) Conference are almost always held in amazing place and best of all someone else is paying for me(and paying me) to go. That almost paradise ;-) I don't plan on staying a student one minute more then I absolutly need to but you know, some of the perks are great.


anyflower said...

So what is it about Canaries Islands? Everyone's going but not me. Two weeks ago, my research director had a congress there where she presented a project I had almost all done (with my agreement) because I did'nt have the $$$ to go (I saved to share some other results at Victoria BC in a month from now). I'm really considering astrophysics studies now! But I guess I will have to understand those Hakwins and Reeves stuff hey? Hummm, on second thought, I'll think about it some more. I'll have enough with Perry Rhodan and other sci fi.

asaathi said...

You know Victoria is a great place to go too.. just a little colder and I don't recommand trying to swim in the sea there ;-) And to understand astrophysic you don't need Hawkings just Reeves who is "very" easy to understand trust me!