Monday, April 25, 2005

Is being fat a crime?

I was listening to a very bad french tv show (En attendant Ben Laden (translated to "Waiting for Ben Laden") which is supposed to be a comedy show but well it faills. Anyway, they asked a question to the public that made me think... Is being fat a crime? My answer is no. It is not a crime, it is more like a disease. It's something that should be prevented, for which we should educate the population to try to remove but it is not something that is evil or even antisocial.

Sure I think there should be a taxe on high fat, low nutrition value food (like chips and most fast food) and that we should do everything in our power to insure that people realise that obesity is dangerous for their health. This danger is a global epidemic right now and will only get worse as time pass. I have a friend who's kid will probably morbidly obeses in a few years, they are already heavier then I am and about a foot smaller. They are fat at age 16 and 14 respectively that is scary and the worse part is that everywhere I look the kids seems to follow this thread (wich isn't better then the skinny thread).


anyflower said...

That is quite worrying, considering the sky high cost of diabetes for the health system. Not only diabetic people may fall into hypo or hyperglycemy but long term complications such as less efficient vascularisation causing sight problem, amputations, impaired nervous influx... That is really scary.

yofed said...

But why do people allow themselves to get so fat in the first place anyway? I know that when I gain 20-30 pounds, I feel sicker, I have less energy, it is harder to get around.... so how com people can get that fat? Some can probably blame it on medical factors, I guess, but how can someone know they live an unhealthy lifestyle and not even try to change it? It really baffles me! And like Mrs Flower said, it ends up costing money to all of us! (ok, and their health too....I'll try to be somewhat compassionate!)