Friday, April 08, 2005

Evolution vs Intelligent design

In the bible belt right now (if you don't know where that is GOOGLE IT! thank you) and a few other places in the united state right now there are debates to remove evolution from the class room. This as not to my knowledge reach canada yet but as we are usually 5 years behind the US for crazy idea it shouldn't be long. What the religious groups are proposition is to show that there are alternative to evolution such as intelligent design. Since after all evolution is JUST a theory you know.

You know what else is just a theorie: Newtonnien gravity (a false one at that!), quantum mecanic, general and special relativity, just about everything in astrophysics and almost all in physics, chemestry, biology and much of science. Why are so many things theories because to prove that a theorie is a fact you need to show that there is absolutly no things that do not follow that theorie. As you can imagine that require behind able to test all the unverse all the time, which is impossible. However to prove a theory wrong you just have to find one experiment that show result different from those of the theory (the theory might not be completly wrong but at best it is incomplete).

Now what is intelligent design, it quite simple it is a dogma that state the life is too complex to have been formed by random process and as such as been created by an intelligence far greater then our own. Why isn't a theory? quite simple you cannot disproved it. You cannot built an experiment that would show that no greater intelligence can be behind life. For how can we a lesser intelligence understand the motivation, goal and ideas of something far greater then ourself? Second strike again ID, it is 99% of the time associated with the bible and christian religious group. How is that a striek you ask? Well, the bible is a book of metaphors and science is based on observation of phenomenon and christian religious group have an agenda to promote god at all cost event that of free will (which is one of god's gift for some strange ironic reason). The thirds strike in the debat of Evolution vs ID in the class room is that ID does not negate evolution ABSOLUTLY NOTHING prevents an highter intelligence from setting thins in the begining so that life would evole according to the principle of evolution... in fact if I had the power to create life I'd probably do that just to see what comes out.

Are they flaw in evolution? yes, can they be explained by ID? yes. Can EVERYTHING be explained by ID? unfortunatly yes. Isn't that a good thing that everything can be explained? NOT AT ALL. why? wait for another post this one is long enought!


yofed said...

Well.... intelligent design.... that's what some of my philosophy teachers were talking about 5 years ago... yup!

anyflower said...

I'm not so surprised about what I read here. Non scientific people tend to consider research results as gold without even knowing the basics of research design. No that I consider myself as an exceptional critic. I really do think that those believes which are often based on mediatic publicity (which does not contain enough for us to judge wheter a research project has enough validity) guide people on uncoherent paths that finally discredit scientific research. As a future qualitative researcher (i am interested by sociological aspects of health care), for me, a theory represents a frame, a guideline for toughts. There is no such thing as a ONE truth. It is quite worring to see the Bible's belt line of toughts being so narrow about evolution and other health questions.

Cunning Linguist said...

Wait. You were in the Bible Belt and didn't tell me!

My feelings are hurt. :(

asaathi said...

nah.. I never was in the bible belt I just read about it a lot. I'd have told you before going anywhere close to that and arranged a meeting